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Big opportunity for Dr Who fans to take part in at Newcastle Comic Con

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Ok this is a good one for all Dr Who fans and we are excited by this ourselves also :clap:


we will have for this show and for the first time a replica of the 8th Doctors TARDIS interior and console that you will be able to have your photo taken next to.


The central console will light up and the interior walls of the TARDIS will be crated by using the green screen affect we used recently on the Flash Gordon photo shoot, so its going to look really amazing! This photo shoot will cost £10 per person (tickets available to buy on the day).


And then there is this opportunity which is even better :dance: :dance:


You standing with Paul McGann the 8th Doctor in the TARDIS photo shoot :smile:


ThIs is going to be so very cool and a very rare chance to have your photo with the 8th Doctor on the TARDIS this will cost £25 per person


Tickets for this Pal McGann / Tardis photo shoot are available now in the online shop.








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Quick question that I couldn't find an answer to in the description.

Is Paul going to be in costume? This is such a great opportunity that I'd have a photo with him out of costume along with the console anyway even though I have a photo with him already (without console)....but just thought I'd ask as that would be amazing. xx

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