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  1. I also wish he was coming to this one. Not only for me to meet him...such a cool guy from what Jason says...but also because I have a friend here in Jersey who I know would come to CMMK with me...and probably then wouldn't be able to keep him away from SM lol
  2. Hey, since he was in Conan the Barbarian do you think we could get Jason Momoa. After all he is a Showmasters friend. Ok, I admit it...it's just my excuse to get him back again lol x
  3. Quick question that I couldn't find an answer to in the description. Is Paul going to be in costume? This is such a great opportunity that I'd have a photo with him out of costume along with the console anyway even though I have a photo with him already (without console)....but just thought I'd ask as that would be amazing. xx
  4. Jason......you are a legend for getting this guy for my birthday. lol. I know you knew it was my bday and that I really wanna meet Chris. lol My fave SG1er.... ...now lets get Momoa back to fill in the title of my fave Atlantian...and of course you can always bring my hubby, my Worfybabes I owe you a drink Jason...that's for sure xxx
  5. I filled out the Poll but want to add that I come for the Photoshoots but chose Autographs as their was no option for the other. I would have also liked to have chosen an option 'that I have a few friends who are crew and that I've crewed once'...but maybe have the option of 'crewed a few times' as that would be a popular choice xx
  6. Oh wow. I've always wanted to see Newcastle and then you give me such a great 40th birthday present. I'm 40 on Saturday 8th March and hope I can incorporate this into my celebrations. Let's hope there'll be lots of Crew, attendees and guests who'll help me celebrate!!! xx
  7. Jersey!! lol. I can only dream. Although I feel it would be a good one. I knew a number of people from Jersey who went to DSTL. And of course we create such talent as Henry Cavill...and I reckon he'd definitely attend a Collectormania in his own island. After all he dragged Russell Crowe here for his Jersey premier. lol x
  8. Ooops........that reply was meant for 1of2.....dunno how I messed that up lol x
  9. My mistake. Thought it was every year for 3 or 4 now but didn't realise it wasn't. I just know that he's been a few times. And I do totally understand about Stars getting confused over the amount of dates etc. I also noticed that he's launching an album so can imagine how hectic it is along with his radio show etc. I got a group shot at CM16 so a bit gutted that he's missing and always hoped to catch up with him sometime soon. But unfortunately it's unlikely that I'll get to see him here as he's doing the Hospitality (VIP) tent which I don't have a ticket for. I'd have more luck getting a plane and seeing him through SM. lol I'll make sure to tell him you're all gutted and can't wait for him to re-arrange for another date....as I'm sat having a drink with him....and pigs fly past lol
  10. I'm confused. Craig comes to Jersey Live every year and is here this weekend. This should have been already known about as he is known as a Big Time Regular. Sorry that I couldn't have shared this before but I didn't realise that CFCC is this weekend as I'm not going. And Karen Matt.....I am sooo soooo sooo sorry that I've nicked him for the weekend. lol xx
  11. Can't believe you left out my Favourite Lost Boy - Billy Wirth. What year was it that they came before? Unfortunately I hadn't heard of Showmasters back then. And for anyone who knows me and knows how much I love my Trek - I still say The Lost Boys is my fave film ever !!! So that's saying something lol
  12. Just out of curiosity....I'm not panicking yet as I know we still have time and the powers that be are slogging their little fingers off..... Where on the site do you find out about your tickets dispatch status? I've seen some people mention a bar with percentages on???
  13. I believe it said the time limit was thursday 13th.
  14. Have just sent my email but just looked at the clock and am worried as to whether I got it in on time? Please let me off these 10 mins as I had a lot to consider as I'm travelling from Jersey and have never crewed before.
  15. Don't worry, I'll be definitely be posting from my hotel room just before the party. Hey maybe even during the party. And maybe slightly tiddly (got my 9yr old so no getting drunk for me) after the party too. lol
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