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Photos now posted out from LFCC

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Hi All,


Just to let you all know that all the uncollected photos have now been matched up and posted out from LFCC.


I am now sorting through the queries and emailing those where I am not sure if the photo description sheet matches the photo. If you haven't received you photos by the end of next week please email info@collectormania.com and your details will be forwarded on to me.


I also have a large number of uncollected photos from the show without description sheets so if you think you may be missing any photos from the show please also email the above address.


I would like to thank you all for being so pateint as there was a very large number of photos to sort and match this time and last but not least thanks to my fellow crew Evie Nitram and Dixon Hill who gave up there time to help me out.



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