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    Latest Guest Announcement - DAVID GYASI

    Containment!! Brilliant announcement. Thank you
  2. girlingray

    London Overground Heads-Up

    Thanks for the heads up.
  3. girlingray

    Latest Guest Announcement - MARK STRONG

    Great announcement! I remember watching him in Sharpe years back and have loved him ever since. Thanks
  4. Brilliant announcement! I was planning on doing my usual, and coming just Friday and Saturday - but definitely coming Sunday too now! Thanks for getting this guest for us
  5. girlingray

    Guest Suggestions

    Damien Molony - Being Human
  6. girlingray

    Guest Suggestions

    Santiago Cabrera, please
  7. girlingray

    Benedict Cumberbatch Appreciation Thread

    Benedict was lovely. Due to a stack of other photo ops, even though I was batch 2 I didn't get to see him until the end of the Saturday photo op. I was afraid it would be rushed at that point in the day, but Benedict still shook my hand and said hello, and then complimented my necklace after the photo. It's little things like that which the guests don't have to do but add to the experience immeasurably - giving a feeling of having a little connection, being noticed as an individual rather than just another in a long line of people to meet. I was only at the event Friday and Saturday and meeting Benedict was a wonderful end to my weekend.
  8. girlingray

    Steven Yeun collectors book?

    Sorry guys, duplicate post deleted!
  9. girlingray

    Steven Yeun collectors book?

    Something's having fun and games with me - same reply posted 3x ... sorry deleting the duplicates!
  10. girlingray

    Steven Yeun collectors book?

    I think the cardboard folders were a nice idea. I saw a lot of people carefully putting their photo into the little corner cut outs, so clearly they were useful for some people. Personally I have a folder I use, so I turned them down when offered. However, in a lot of the shoots I was given my photo and the sleeve at the same time and it was too busy and crowded to give it back so they were wasted on me. That's probably a good time saving measure for the photo op crew, but I think it would be better (less wasteful) in the future to let people take one if they need it - if that's feasible.
  11. girlingray

    Guest Cancellation - Mike Colter

    Not my first cancelled guest for this event - but the most depressing! Was really looking forward to meeting Mike (particularly as I'm rewatching The Good Wife season 6 at the moment and was getting even more excited to meet him every time Lemond Bishop was on screen!). Seriously hoping for another chance soon
  12. girlingray

    Latest Guest Announcement - D.B. WOODSIDE

    Lovely! Coincidentally I was watching Lucifer yesterday and I thought how much I'd love to meet him
  13. girlingray

    Wheres the Talk Schedule?

    I can see some corrections now, so I assume it's been updated. But I still can't see George Takei's first photoshoot session on the Saturday. I think I'm going to assume this schedule is still a work in progress and look again in a couple of days! Hope everyone else's queries and confusions are now resolved with the edits
  14. girlingray

    Wheres the Talk Schedule?

    What are the timings for the Wil Wheaton Saturday talk? The schedule says 11.05 - 9.30 Also, the second George Takei Saturday photo op is at 16.50 (I'm assuming the 2 in brackets after his name means it's the second slot as there are other guests with a 1 then a 2). But I can't see the first photo op - the schedule is not that easy to read, so I might just be missing it but I'd appreciate it if someone could let me know one way or the other as I would prefer to go to an earlier slot if there is one available. Thanks