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  1. Sorry I cam across as a bit stroppy and rude, it was not my intention, but there is no excuse for it. I realised that my "Gold and Batch 1" was being mistaken for "Gold or Batch 1" (the pedant and mathematician in me not realising they would be read the same way) and the word had with my collegue was to ask him to shout out the with, rather than my colleague having a word with me. I hope the rest of the convention went OK for you. At Sherlocked my voice didn't give out until last thing on the Sunday, here I'd lost most of it by the end of Saturday, it was frustrating for me to not be able
  2. I know he was losing his voice but he was very stroppy in the MJF shoot on Sunday, and was not making things clear and then complaining when the wrong people moved into the queue, if you say gold pass holders and batch 1 tickets everyone who has batch 1 tickets will move into the queue, to then yell at them with an " I did not say that" when the exact wording was also written on his board was just plain rude. He then changed his wording after another member of staff had a quiet word to him to gold pass holders WITH batch 1 tickets but like someone else has just said I can't praise him this wee
  3. I agree with the post about being banged by wheelchairs, there were certainly a fair few doing that this weekend, but what annoys me more and isn't actually a disability issue is the general lack of manners from so many people. We are all like minded human beings who were there for the same reason and yet hardly anyone says excuse me anymore they just shove through without a care in the world for the person they've barged out of the way and yet these people get hilariously outraged when you question them on their lack of manners.
  4. Ha ha that's probably just me lol who tends to stay away from hot crowded areas until I absolutely have to!!
  5. Maybe so but at least for the ones of us that are it'd lessen the clogging up of photo shoot areas etc as we'd stay away until called and quite frankly if I wasn't already on Twitter I'd gladly sign up just for the event if it helped me out and I feel it does they can always deactivate it at the end of the weekend!
  6. I would surmise it's because they are for one specific show and not multiple shows, both are huge signing events that cover multiple shows, films etc therefore conflict of interest arises as they are just too alike.
  7. And this is where having some sort of live social media feed would work well at the event itself, other companies use this so I'm guessing it can't be too hard to implement.
  8. I've been to events where they have a live Twitter feed and each person in charge of each photo shoot has access to it to post which numbers/group/batch need to queue next, introducing something as simple as this would have saved a whole lot of crush and confusion especially around shoot A and that fella may have kept his voice for a bit longer!!!
  9. I think naming and shaming is entirely appropriate given the horrific way they acted, plus telling the story without names only incites natural curiosity so come on spill the beans lol
  10. I wasn't there Friday and Saturday due to work BUT the announcement should've been made first thing rather than after numerous people asked and Kelly tweeted about it herself and from what I hear they were still selling her photoshoots Sunday morning 😠
  11. Hmm this is what's known as locking the stable door after the horse has bolted!!! Ah well maybe it'll help those few folk that might've been coming in at 1.15 onwards 😔
  12. Would've been nice if you could have told us or announced it that Kelly was no longer doing Sunday, I've spent a good part of my day looking for her and when asking at info booth person had no idea, had to find out by looking for Kelly on Twitter and seeing it on there, very poor management on this one
  13. Michael J Fox as Marty Mcfly - I was 8 and so in love with him in BTTF! I will have no words on the 19th July and for anyone who knows me knows that me being speechless is a rarity
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