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  1. I think it would be star trek guests like chris pine or Zachary Qunito to continue. Would love to meet Arnie or Samuel L Jackson or Denzel Washington!! =)
  2. Bill Paxon did signings last year in the uk, so it can't be him. would like to get arnie.
  3. Thanks everyone and can't wait to meet mike. =)
  4. Hi, i just found out earlier that mike is signing this weekend and i was wondering i like to go and buy photoshoot and autographs tickets from the door but what the chances can i get mike photoshoot and autographs?? Thanks. =)
  5. I STILL haven't got mine from photoshoot with Christopher lloyd.......=(
  6. Hi, I afraid i still don't have the post of my photoshoot with christopher Lloyd =( what can i do and how long do i have to continue to wait for? Thanks.
  7. Hi, first of all, thank you to showmasters and people who works at London film and comic con for all the amazing events and it was brilliant to meet everyone! I got one problem yesterday, I had a photoshoot with Christopher Lloyd at 4pm instead of 2.45pm and been told the photos may not arrive later when the event finished, so i had fill the form out but i haven't been told how long will it takes to see the photos through the post? one staff say i should get it in few days, another staff said you will get it in 4 weeks time. Please someone tell me when would i likely to get the photoshoot arrive in my letterbox? Thanks.
  8. sorry to say but Arthur is doing theatre in london and is very likely he will be performing that weekend. http://www.shakespearesglobe.com/theatre/o.../doctor-faustus
  9. I am shocked and hear the very sad news to the legend, I was so lucky to meet him earlier this year and he was asking how i was and what leslie's films is my favourite. i am so glad that i drove 120 miles altogether to meet leslie Nielsen and got photoshoot with him. My thought goes with Leslie's Family and his friends. R.I.P Leslie and......don't call me shirley!
  10. Hi everyone, i see there is special prices on arsenal and chelsea winning team, will there be any special price on England 1966 World Cup winning team reunion?
  11. hi, sorry, do anyone know when the photoshoot post will arrive my letterbox? pls reply, thanks
  12. i'm sad to say today there was a leslie nielsen talk at BFI in london but leslie have fell the stairs at the hotel and lucky he is fine but unable to attend the event today wish him speedy recover! :)
  13. would be amazing if you can bring leslie Neilsen down to london!! also any england 1966 world cup players like Bobby charlton would be brilliant!
  14. Hi that great news. sorry to say this but i still haven't booked anything coz of family problems and college works. i decided to go on saturday to meet him, do anyone know what my chance are to meet leslie? thanks :)
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