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  1. I did have a bit of a meltdown in the Christopher Lloyd VT queue on Sunday morning, people just straight to the front. I'm not normally an outspoken or aggressive person and do normally let things go but this really annoyed me as I'd been outside since 5 to try and get an early VT ticket and some people just had no sense of decency. We had a nice queue inside but grrrrrr. Never mind
  2. I'm not sure who it was, but the front two rows had "reserved" on them and taken up by people with cameras in the air so no one behind them had a chance without looking at the big screens. Not all. Just some.
  3. I'm diamond pass but we have now been told (grapevine) that's front two rows are "press only" if that's true then I'm a little peed off to be honest. Nice freebie for the press?
  4. Quick question. Why are the front two rows reserved in the talk? Absolute shambles getting in here and now we can't sit where people have paid a lot of money to sit.
  5. I thought they were exclusive to the london event? On show, not on sale 😉
  6. The only way to stop people getting in with re-sold tickets would be photo ID. Will take longer to process people but the only way to prove that the name on the ticket is who you actually are. Lots of edits as I've just woke up and was sadden that people want to make money from fans so had to reply still half asleep 😁
  7. They had these on show at the Manchester event and they did look pretty impressive.
  8. The thing with these type of announcements is that the guys running the events are just as excited as we are and they sometimes, just like we do, get a little over excited. They don't intentionally not announce something or do it in a nasty way. They just don't want to say something is happening only for it to fall through. The guys running the events are fans of these people too and that's why SM events are as amazing as they are.
  9. I've always been told not to post pictures of passes or give out your ticket number, sneaky people started making their own and getting into things that they hadn't paid for!!
  10. I need to get home and check for my pass!!! Silly work.
  11. Photo booked!! I do seem to be spending more on e-ticket validations though 😕
  12. You stayed there before? Nope, but you can't really go wrong with a Premier Inn and the reviews are good. Plus they have comfy beds
  13. We'll be at the Premier Inn Kensington Olympia. Decent hotel and not as expensive as some.
  14. Apparently we were supposed to add it in when we ordered. I couldn't see where so I emailed the shop and they added it in. Thank you!! I didn't see it anywhere either but not to worry.
  15. Quick question as this thread is a little messy how do we go about the Diamond Pass T Shirts, do we need to email with sizes? Thanks in advance!!
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