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  1. Well, what can I say? I've waited my whole life to meet Lee and he did not disappoint. Such a cool guy. He even liked my custom-made shirt! Would be great if in the future you managed to get some others from the bionic series/films such as Lindsay Wagner, Sandra Bullock (I wish!), Monte Markham etc.
  2. Thanks Raylenth I'll try both in case!
  3. Is there a specific email address I can use to contact someone about the Extra Help Pass? I've already pre-registered but have some questions not answered on the website. I tried using the contact form but when I press submit I get an error message so I'm not sure if it has gone through or not. Thanks
  4. I was thrilled when Sam was announced as I've been a fan of his since he played Damien Thorn in Omen III: The Final Conflict and Vasiliy Borodin in The Hunt For Red October. I had nothing planned for the photoshoot but at the last minute I made a sign that read "#DamienThorn4President" and asked him to hold it. He took one look, laughed and asked if I was serious, giggled some more and then stood holding it during the op. Really made my weekend!
  5. Yup, got that, thanks for the email address.
  6. Who do I contact as I've not had anything back for my Mary McDonnell photo shoot yet? Thanks
  7. I hope the refunds come through in time otherwise I've no chance!
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    Hi Jason, As soon as I've convinced him that these events are fun and that people will want to meet him and he is happy with me passing his details on I will contact you, thanks!
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    Oh he is seen on screen for sure!
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    Will do, thanks. He is interested but thinks there would be no interest in him!
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    Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I have a question and I'm hoping someone can help. I work in a school and a member one of our long standing families (20+ years) was an uncredited extra in the briefing room scene in ROTJ. He played B-Wing pilot Palso Thern, Blue 7. I only found out recently but when watching it back its so obviously him! My question is this: would there be any interest in him singing at events and if so how would he go about it? Thanks
  12. Ant idea yet on the prices for Col. Worden's autograph?
  13. I've never been to LFCC but I've been to past Collectormania (Collectormania Glasgow now renamed as Glasgow Film & Comic Con) events both in Milton Keynes and my home city of Glasgow as well as the past DST events held in the ExCel centre in London. I remember that a floor plan PDF file WAS put up on the forum in the week leading up to DST3. I'm hoping for the same this time around too. For those newbies out there, the souvineer programme available at the event, and included with the packages, usually has the floor plan. Honestly don't remember floor plans going up for anything other than LFCC because of it's size! But you're right about them being in the brochures. It was definitely online last time as I made smaller, laminated versions to attach to my plastic folder.
  14. I have a batch 1 photoshoot for Robbie McNiell but he doesn't appear on the Friday schedule. Any ideas?
  15. Thanks. I had that in my head but was not 100% sure.
  16. I honestly cannot remember but is there a cut-off time for ordering photoshoots on Eventbrite?
  17. Thanks Chappie, that's what I thought but wanted to double check...
  18. Hello folks, I've not posted for a while and have a question. I'm bringing my Star Wars mad 5 year old nephew with me. Will I have to pay for him to come into the photoshoot with me? Can't remember. Thanks
  19. Have to agree with a lot of what is being said. I've been getting Gold Passes for many years and whilst the actual cost has gone up, the value has decreased in as much as we aren't getting as much for our money. Granted, we get earlier entry, but not a lot and get to go first for photos etc and join queues without VTs but that it. The good bag was quite ridiculous. One would expect at least a programme in the bag with what we paid. The gold pass room was a big improvement apart from the debacle with the diamond pass talks, which was quite insulting to be honest. If I'd wanted to hear that talk I would have purchased a ticket.... It really has lost a lot of its exclusivity.
  20. That's fine, just needed to know. I'll line up with her on the day no problem. Thanks QS
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