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what A list guests do you want to see ?

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• George Lazenby

• Timothy Dalton

• Roger Moore

• Mary'am D'abo

• Robert Davi

• Yaphet Kotto

• Mads Mikkelsen

• Judi Dench

• Giancarlo Giannini

• Jeffrey Wright

• Jesper Christensen

• Gloria Hendry

• Clifton Jones

• Jane Seymour


I would happily buy autographs from all of them


Would be great for a James Bond celebration


In June these films were released - So it could have something to concide with this ?

• You Only Live Twice

• Live And Let Die

• Octopussy

• A View To A Kill

• The Living Daylights

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Hmm, not sure if they're all classed as A List (to me they are!):


Alan Rickman

Bill Nighy

Dominic Monaghan


I know there's more I would like to meet, but those are my top three 'I-would-die-to-be-near' peoples :P

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the never gonna happen but please prove me wrong...


johnny depp

tim burton

wes craven

nicole kidman

sandra bullock

reese witherspoon

hugh jackman

james marsden

orlando bloom

Mariska Hargitay

alan rickman

maggie smith

glen close

hugh laurie

Bill Murray

Dan Akroyd

John Carpenter

Sigourney Weaver

Sir Ian McKellen

Michelle Pfeiffer

Robert De Niro

Diane Keaton

Rachel McAdams

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Hugh Jackman

David Tennant

Christian Bale

Robert Downey Jr.

Ewan Mcgreggor

Simon Peg

Johnny Depp

nd any of the heroes or lotr cast!! :D

I know this is a pretty unlikely list but u did say "without any restrictions" right?

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My list will look like this. Not sure of wich is A or B list people. But anyway

1. James Marsters :lol:

2. David Boreanaz

3. Tony Head

4 Jared Padalecki

5 Jensen Ackles

6.Richard Dean Anderson

7. Michael Shanks

8. Paul McGillion

9. Gareth David Lloyd

10. Seth Green

11. Kai Owen

12. Alexis Denisof

13. Joss Whedon

14. Nathan Fillion

15 . Marc Blucas

16. Christian Kane[

17. Nick Brendon

18. Joe flanigan/color]

And many many more


Would love to have John Barrowman But he is in Chicago then sadly.

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First the almost realistic :-



Richard Dean Anderson

David Boreanaz

Scott Bakula

Billie Piper

Chris Eccleston

Viggo Mortenson

Liv Tyler

John Carpenter

Stephen King

Wesley Snipes

Kurt Russell

Tim Curry

Sigourney Weaver

Mark Hamill

Bill Pullman

Sissy Spacek

Sam Raimi




Then the not really gonna happen :-



Orlando Bloom

Peter Jackson

George Lucas

Dustin Hoffman

Sam Neill

Kevin Costner

John Cleese

Charlize Theron

Natalie Portman

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Kate Beckinsale

Keanu Reeves

Jamie Lee Curtis

John Travolta

Kiera Knightley

Matt Damon

David Tennant



And don't forget we still NEED Clancy Brown , William Sadler and Bill Paxton - lots of people have been shouting for these guys for a LONG time :YAHOO:

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Hi there


I would love to meet


Paul Blackthorne (The Dresden Files)

Richard Dean Anderson & JD Bourne (Stargate)

Jensen Ackles & Jared Padelecki (Supernatural)

Masi Oka (Heroes)

Peter Vaughan Clarke & Nick Young (The Tomorrow People 1970's)


That will do for a start! I'll keep thinking on more.


Be well



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anyone from the recent BBC 'merlin'!



colin morgan

bradley james

anthony head

angel coulby

john hurt

katie m (don't know last name)


put any of these in and i can guarantee 3 more guests!

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I'm not really sure what constitutes A List anymore. But people who I really want to meet but never really thought I would:


Sarah Michelle Gellar

Eliza Dushku

Jensen Ackles

Jared Padalecki

Kristen Bell

Zach Braff

David Boreanaz

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Hi all, well im new to this so bear with me.Im a keen regular of collectormania and have very happy memories of them. Im mainly into StarWars and would love some of the main actors there from any of the 6 films e.g.

Ewan Mcgregor

Natalie Portman

Hayden Christensen

Mark Hamill as long as its not £85 per autograph as it was at Celebration europe

Harrison Ford

Brian Blessed if he actually turned up

Samuel L Jackson


Any of the above would be great!Any chance?

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Sigourney Weaver





Robbie Coltrane

Maggie Smith

Alan Rickman

Michael Gambon


Emma thompson

Jason Issacs

Robert Pattison

GARY Oldman

David Thewlis

Tom Felton


Jensen Ackles

Jared Padalecki




Jennifer Garner


Michelle Yoeh



Hugh Jackman

halle Berry

Famke janssen

Anna paquin

Shawn Ashmoore

Aaron Stanford

Rebecca Romjin



Jolene Blalock

Scott Bakula

Jeri Ryan

(not as A-list - Tim Russ,Roxann Dawson, Robert beltran)


Tom Welling

kristin Kreuk

Alison Mack

Aaron Ashmoore

Erica Durance

Annette O'toole


Ian MCkellen

Viggo mortensen

Orlando Bloom

Sean Bean

Elijah Wood

Peter Jackson

Liv Tyler

CAte Blanchett


Simon Pegg

Nick Frost

Jessica Stevenson


David Duchovny

gillian Anderson




Sarah michelle Gellar


Seth Green

Joss Whedon

Eliza Dushku



David Boreanaz

Emily Deschanel


Dan catalanetta

Nancy carwright

Billy West

AKty Seagul

John Deamagio


Seth Mcfarlen

Rachael Mcfarlen

Scott grimes

Wendy Schall

Alex Borstien


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These are for a friend:-


Paul Blackthorne & Terrence Mann - The Dresden Files

Jim Butcher

John Noble & Joshua Jackson & Anna Torv - Fringe

David Hewlitt - Stargate Atlantis

Gina Torres - Firefly/Serenity/Buffy

Dylan Neal - Legend of the Rangers (B5)

DB Sweeney

Michael J Fox

Dennis Heysbert


And more for me:-


David Tennant

Billie Piper

Christopher Eccleston

Bradley James & Colin Morgan - Merlin

Scott Bakula & Leonard Nimoy - Star Trek

Dean Cain



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I know it would probably be quite hard to get most of these, and i think some of them hve bee to them before but if they came back that would be AWESOME!


Adam West

Emily Deschanel

David Boreanaz

Eric Millegan

T. J. Thyne

John Francis Daley

William Petersen

David Caruso

Jackie Chan

Harrison Ford

Mr. T

Dirk Benedict

Dwight Schultz

John Cleese

Terry Jones

Michael Palin

Kiefer Sutherland

Masi Oka

Jorge Garcia

Noel Fielding

Howard Moon

Tony Robinson

Rowan Atkinson

Neil Flynn

Will Smith

Liam Neeson

Simon Pegg

Nick Frost

Bill Nighy

Johnny Depp

Samuel L Jackson

Brian Blessed

Jack Black

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It'd be cool to get Kevin Costner to come like people have said previously, then you could try and get him to perform some music too :huh:


There are tons of guests I'd love to see, big one would be Lee Pace for me, not that he's huge A list, but it would be really nice.


I'll welcome any new guests that haven't been to a showmasters convention before :)

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More Supernatural cast please especially Jared Padalecki, A.J Buckley, Travis Wester!

Also John Barrowman! All for Angel and Buffy cast too.

Oh and if we could get Juliet Landau and James Marsters together for photos too that would be very ace! :)

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sopranos cast members!

both coreys i'v never seen them.....

nick swardson.. seth rogen.

george a romero.. paddy considine.

simon pegg. and horror guests like ian whyte or doug bradly so i can get some figures signed!

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