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  1. Rather than the focus being yet again on Harry Potter/Doctor Who/Star Trek etc... Anyone from the cast of Rookie Blue, NCIS, Millennium, The X Files, Shattered and Republic of Doyle.....and the Friday the 13th and Halloween films.
  2. Haha, very funny. Have edited post. Shouldn't be too quick to try and trip someone up.
  3. *jaw drops* I'm going to be predicatble and request Patricia McPherson.
  4. Anyone from the cast of Pretty Little Liars & Republic of Doyle.
  5. Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica, Law & Order: UK) Freema Agyeman (Doctor Who, Law & Order).
  6. Is Leila Shenna as hard to find as Emily Bolton?
  7. Al Harrington Andrew Stevens C.J. Graham Kane Hodder.
  8. I'd like to request the following people for the next Autographica as well: Elisabeth Ashley Bruce Glover Jill Hennessy Anthony Higgins Bo Hopkins Jack Klugman Lee Meriweather Lee Purcell Putter Smith Don Stroud Anthony Zerbe. To finish this post, this guest suggestion I would put in the 'very unlikely to happen' category, but it's worth a try. He's a veteran TV actor who played the lead role in one of the longest running detective series, Mannix: Mike Connors.
  9. In post #3 they say she is the brunette on the left hand side in the top picture (and first from the left in the bottom picture). Who is the actress/model on the bottom of the bottom picture?
  10. Sorry to go off topic, but is there any other Moonraker guest who would top the rare guests being announced? And are the three Moonraker guests announced first time guests? Was Irka Bockenko the woman who was in the reception in Venini Glass?
  11. I was going to post some Moonraker guest suggestions in here, but thought the thread would be closed as there's an existing thread for guest suggestions.
  12. After seeing the super Moonraker guests announced I'd like to suggest the following people for the next Autographica: Lois Chiles Corinne Clery Emily Bolton Leila Shenna Christina Hui Françoise Gayat Nicaise Jean Louis Béatrice Libert Michael Lonsdale Richard Kiel Lewis Gilbert. I would also like to request a return appearance by Anne Lonnberg.
  13. Oh my giddy aunt! It's not April so it's not an April Fools joke. This is super news! One of the sexiest Bond girls without a doubt.
  14. Getting better and better. What a group photo that would be!
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