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  1. Not sure if anyone has told you, but it's perhaps better that you post in the LFCC 2015 guest suggestion thread than to keep spamming this forum section, especially since all of your request are for LFCC instead of more of a general suggestion.
  2. Beyond the 'best wishes' and 'love' dedications, here are some of mine: Garrick Hagon - "Red 3 standing by!" Tracey Eddon - "May the force be with you!" Jose Pablo Cantillo - "When the walkers come you are on my team!" (my absolute favorite dedication of the weekend) Jane McNeill - "Big zombie love!" Daniel Portman - "I love Sweden!" Adam Brown - "With love from Middle Earth!" Summer Glau - "No power in the verse can stop me..." Jamie Bamber signed my Band of Brothers picture with the character name (Lt. Foley) which surprised me! I'm glad he remembered! Casper Van Dien - "Kill
  3. Will there be a statement regarding the Game of Thrones commentary?
  4. For me, it was either Milo Ventimiglia or Jose Pablo Cantillo. Milo was, like already mentioned, such a sweet guy who really took his time to speak to everyone who met him and pose for photos. A top dude who really surprised me in the best way possible. Jose on the other hand made me feel like a friend. I came over to chat with him every single day of the weekend and he always seemed to enjoy our conversations.
  5. They were great but their 'pay what you like' thing simply wasn't true.
  6. Not really. There were people there 5:30 when I arrived.
  7. That's a damn shame. She was one of my most highly anticipated guests and I had booked a photoshoot and everything. Argh.
  8. There are no tickets for autographs. You pay at their table. Now, you already have tickets so that's a good thing! If you're available to go on Friday, they will have a pre-signing with Stan Lee between 11 AM and 4 PM. Stan Lee will have more than time enough to sign autograph since he's a very fast signer. You can take pictures of guest signing unless there is a sign saying 'no photographs'. When it comes to someone like Stan Lee, there will probably be such a sign.
  9. Most do not charge for an auto but they do charge for a sketch.
  10. It is presumably talking about the Comic Gold goodie bag. Regular gold does not get a goodie bag.
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