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  1. yes! this would be amazing. plus, it would be somewhere else i could ask for eli roth and omar doom as guests
  2. eli roth! and i'll second whoever mentioned duran duran, haha.
  3. I heard about this. He started signing at 4pm and was still there at midnight and that was for just over 300 people oh my goodness...best wear my comfy shoes!
  4. in my over excitedness about ben browder, i forgot about john de lancie! thank god i'm doing a lot of overtime this month!
  5. i let out such a squeal when i read this my husband got very worried all i can say is... woohoo!
  6. lol, me too! great guest...i'm loving the amount of stargate guests you've got at various cons this year!
  7. So you would like him do add 30 or 40 pounds? Did he have it written into his contract for 24 that he could never be in a shot with his Shirt on? i said the exact same thing! my husband rolled his eyes every time i pointed it out..."see! more shanks nipples!" teehee.
  8. i like the sound of this!
  9. i was grumpy at the fact i'm awake at 7am on a saturday, but this has now made me grin like a fool. yaaaayy!
  10. ahh i'm watching die hard again which just makes me want to meet alan rickman so i can hug him for being hans gruber, haha.
  11. vala

    I love Malcolm!

    me too! another full set of pictures of myself that i don't want to burn so no one can ever see! thank you so much, malcolm!
  12. lol, i keep asking myself the same thing!
  13. and to think you tried telling me we wouldn't be going! fool!
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