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  1. I had an overall very good experience too with the majority of the day. It didn't start well though because I went straight to the main desk to get my "extra help" pass as I'd been told to do and the lady on the desk was extremely unhelpful and it felt like I was being judged for having a disability. Just because you can't see a physical disability, doesn't mean it's not there. It really put my back up straight away and my boyfriend had to step in because he could see I was getting annoyed with her dismissive responses and complete lack of any help (let alone extra help!) Luckily this was only one out of many. I'd like to say a special thank you to the stewards on the door of Photo shoot B & Photo Shoot D (I think - the one which had Kristian Nairn in!) who were both very helpful. I am very glad we had the extra help as it was very busy and there's no way we would've been able to do everything had I not had this. Unfortunately we had to hang around for 2 hours longer than we were planning on doing because Carrie Fisher didn't turn up in the morning so was quite difficult at the end of the day but can't blame SM for that!!
  2. Thank you for posting this :) Is registration open all of Saturday morning? i.e. if we got there before the photo shoot at 10 will we still be ok to pick up the tickets ok?
  3. Cool, thanks. I couldn't remember!
  4. Would be great if the schedule was posted online as I don't think I can get down til Saturday morning so would be good to know when stuff is on. Also what time can we pick our tickets up from on the Saturday?
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    I do think the date has something to do with it. That and maybe not as many people booked this year after last year even though it turned out to be a great con.
  6. As I said before, it's not meant as disrespect to the guests and I don't think it's fair that you're blaming the attendance. What I was saying is that I regret buying a silver ticket as i think it's too expensive for this con and was wondering if it was possible to get a refund on to a standard ticket. I'm not asking for a full refund. I love Ginger and Holly, they're great characters. If the attendance was so low last year and you were losing money, why did you go ahead with the convention? Why did you not look at the reasons the attendance was so low? I also know that you have been working hard and don't doubt that but it seems like you have so many conventions that this one has been sidelined. At the end of the day, you are running a business and there are certain things people expect when they pay out a lot of money. If i had bought a standard ticket then I wouldn't worry at all. I guess it's my own fault for buying so early and hoping that by purchasing a more expensive ticket you would have more money. Silly me. I won't be making that mistake again! I feel even worse for the gold ticket holders. Anyway, i've said my piece and it's not made a difference so I will go a long & will enjoy myself but I don't think i'll be going to another one.
  7. No problem. I understand completely & do apologise! I would've said it elsewhere but it led on from the announcement then just spiralled.
  8. Also, there's no need to be snarky. We always get told to use the forum if we have any queries/opinions and that's what i'm doing.
  9. No it won't be my last ever con. I've been going to cons for years and have never complained about the guests because it's never been like this before. I will happily discuss this elsewhere. As I said before I'm not meaning it to be disrespectful and it's not to do with the guests but rather the money. I know the rules about guests changing/working commitments etc. Obviously i'm not going to be winning this argument and it doesn't matter how many times i try to explain it, there will always be people who don't agree. But I'm not wasting money again next year and if i were to book this con again i would wait until the very last minute to book.
  10. It's not guest snobbery. It's fine if you want to pay that much money to meet them but i don't. Maybe you didn't spend £145/£200 on a ticket? If I'd bought a standard ticket I wouldn't have been so annoyed but at the end of the day, if you pay more you expect more. And they've had a year to organise this so all the 'last minute' stuff doesn't wash with me. They only had 2 guests a month before the event. It's my opinion and i know several other people not on this forum who agree with me. It's fine, I just won't be booking again.
  11. In short, no. Tickets are, as stated in the terms and conditions on purchase, non-refundable and non-transferable. This includes changing ticket type. If this is true, then I won't be booking again next year. Or any other M.E. event. I understand that there are terms and conditions but at the end of the day, people go to meet the guests. I don't pay £145 to go to a party. I can do that at home for free. I also don't expect to pay that much money for guests that I am not bothered about meeting. No disrespect meant to the actors, and I am SURE they are lovely people. But i don't pay to meet lovely people. I pay to meet the actors of characters I love and would hope that out of 4 guests at least 2 of them are regulars and I'm sorry but Ginger, Holly and Crystal are not regulars. I would expect maybe 2 of these. M.E. cocked up last year but I didn't mind as Joe Manganiello is a main cast member and we did end up getting extra photos but I didn't want the same thing to happen again this year and we put our faith in M.E. hoping that they could pull it off. In my opinion, they haven't. Obviously my money has already disappeared though, they've probably spent it on David Tennant or other conventions. I will go and have a good time with my friend but i will not be going back. Like This
  12. Is there any way we can reduce our silver tickets to a standard? I'm sorry if it sounds like i'm complaining but frankly, if i'd known it was going to be 3 VERY minor guests i wouldn't have paid £145 for it. I'm not asking for a complete refund i just really feel like this whole con is not worth it. If someone can give me details of who to contact i'd appreciate it. In future i won't be booking in advance or possibly, even at all.
  13. I'm sorry to hear about your granddad but I appreciate you giving us an update, that's all we wanted! I look forward to hearing more news in due course. Thank you.
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