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  1. Hi all, Mr Devito is in the UK a week before this event. I think it would be cracking to get the penguin accross to say hello! :smile:
  2. One or two retired grand prix motorbike racers would be good
  3. Karen was fantastic!! She was a little giddy in the second round of photo shoots when I had to have another done. When I finally got to see her again for my autograph at 5:30 she was still as cheerfull, I was lucky enough that the guy before me had about 3 items to sign and then she signed a pic for her security lady which meant I got a tiny bit more time with her. She still had time to say hi I said hi and told her she was doing a good job abd she thanked me. Awsome!! Thanks SM you have done it again
  4. I somehow missed the girl in pink what day was she there?
  5. Ooo SM allways a pleasure to meet Dave I have a nice black and white behind the seens with him, Jeremy Bulloch and Mr Kershner signed by Jeremy ready for Dave to sign.
  6. Just wanted to know how many people are excited!!
  7. Hi SM I e mailed last week about the CAD non paid job but havent heard anything. Would you like me to e mail again?
  8. Thanks guy's for the quick response I will have to keep everything crossed!!
  9. This might sound a bit sad But I will be at the show just before 10:30 on Saturday morning and will there up until the death because I am staying over. Are my odds very good do we think at obtaining Karen's autograph
  10. I will be getting to Earls Court around 10:20am so all being well will be ok.
  11. SM theres more than a month to go and the hype alone from Karen coming is fab Ive already started planning in my head a plan of attack as I will be getting in just before 10:30am Fingers crossed!
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