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Tv and movie guest suggestions


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Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Melissa & Joey & Clarissa)
Robert Pattinson (Twilight, Harry Potter, Bel Ami & Water for Elephants)
David Lascher (Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Blossom & Clueless)
Fab Filippo (Buffy, Detentionaire, The Dating Guy, Being Erica, Guidestones & Delilah & Julius)
Clea Duvall (Heroes, American Horror Story, The Faculty, Argo, The Event & Zodiac)
Jenna Von Oy (Blossom, The Parkers & Doctor Dolittle 3)

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Has anybody seen the Disneyland 60 Special, broadcast this week, celebrating 60 years of Disneyland? Dick, at 90 years old, is still energetic, still singing and dancing and loving meeting the public.


I know over the past couple of years, he's been on the signing circuit in the States, so please Showmasters, invite him along.


PS I hear Julie Andrews would be a pretty popular guest too!

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Anyone from 'The 100' but particularly Bob Morley.

I totally agree with that, Bellamy is awesome :D then again So is Richard Harmon as John Murphy :L


It would be great to see both Bob Morley and Richard Harmon at a SM event together but i'd settle for one or the other too :L


Though i would also love to meet Marie, the one who plays Octavia, because ever since Octavia became Trikru she's been my favourite female character, she kicks butt :D

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Any of the Heroes or Heroes Reborn cast at LFCC in July! (Especially Milo Ventimiglia, Robbie Kay, Noah Gray Cabey, and Jack Coleman)


Yes please:


Ali Larter

Seth Green (Sam)

Masi Oka

Clea Duvall (Audrey Hanson)

Breckin Meyer (Frack)

Madeline Zima (Gretchen Berg)

Kellan Lutz (Andy)

Kristen Bell (Elle Bishop)

Jayma Mays (Charlie Andrews)

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Please please pleeeeease can we ask the cast of Critical Role (Geek and Sundry) to guest;


Matthew Mercer

Liam O'Brien

Travis Willingham

Laura Bailey

Marisha Ray

Ashley Johnson

Sam Riegel

Taliesin Jaffe


Firstly, they are all part of an amazing twitch stream programme building in popularity by the day which would garner a lot of attention and would make a lot of fans (myself included) would love you forever!


Secondly, they have only recently done one convention in Corke, IR and not yet done the UK, so any host for them this side of the pond should hopefully see a big jump in sales as all the UK/European fans dive at the chance to meet them (especially if hosted at Manchester or London as there are fans across Europe who would likely fly in for the event).


And lastly, a lot of the cast are also big names in the voice-acting and computer game scene; Liam is a voice-director for World of Warcraft and has starred in the likes of Naruto and the Lego games, you'd be hard-pressed to find a computer game franchise Matthew Mercer hasn't done at least some work on (seriously, I dare you to try) and Ashley Johnson won two BAFTAs for her performance in The Last of Us, as well as being a star of What Women Want and Recess.


I mean seriously, what more could you want?!

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How about these guys?




Johnny Depp - Sleepy Hollow


Jeanette Goldstein - Aliens, Startrek, Near Dark


Robert Patrick - Terminator 2


Antonio Banderas - Once upon a time in Mexico


Sly Stallone - Rambo


Salma Hayek - From Dusk till Dawn


Marina Sirtis - Startrek (Diana Troy)


Steven Seagal - Under Siege


Milla Jovovich - Fifth Element


Kurt Russell - Big Trouble in little China


Stone Cold Steve Austin WWE


Dolph Lungren - Universal solider


Hulk Hogan - WWE


Van Damme - Hard Target


Jeff Goldblum - The Fly, Jurassic Park


Jennifer Tilly - Bride of Chucky


Demi Moore - Ghost


Michael Keaton - Beetle Juice, Batman


Corey Feldman - Friday the 13th, Teenage Mutant Turtles, Goonies


Courteney Cox - Friends, Scream


Drew Barrymore - Scream, Batman Forever


Eve Mendez - Ghost Rider




Ohhh... Security would have to pin me to the ground if Salma was there!!! :^P <3

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Anna Faris (Scary Movies, The House Bunny, Mom, The Dictator & Brokeback Mountain)

Imogen Poots (28 Weeks Later, Fright Night & The Need for Speed)

Bianca Lawson (Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, Buffy & Saved By The Bell)

Azura Skye (Buffy, American Horror Story, CSl: Miami, Working the Engels & One Missed Call)

Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games, X-Men, Joy, American Hustle & Silver Linings Playbook)

Claire Danes (Terminator 3 :borg:, Homeland, Romeo & Juliet & Stardust)​

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i would like to meet at the bournemouth film and comic con in September is


David Tennant

Sir John Hurt

Billie Piper

Matt Smith

Peter Capaldi

Jenna Louise Coleman

Anthony Head

Michelle Gomez

Steven Moffat

Karen Gillan

Olivia Coleman and other cast from Broadchurch

Michelle Keegan

and any other cast from Coronation Street , and Emmerdale , Hollyoaks as well.


Many Thanks


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