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  1. I met him at Bournemouth Comicon two years ago and I was completely awestruck to meet someone who appeared in the very first episode of Doctor Who. He was very nice.
  2. Anyone from The 100 please - Bob Morley Richard Harmon Sachin Sahel Jarod Joseph Eliza Taylor Luisa D'Oliviera Shannon Kook Chris Larkin From Versailles - George Blagden Alex Vlahos
  3. I second all of these. Also Sachin Sahel and Jarod Joseph.
  4. The lead male actor Bob Morley from The 100.
  5. How about some guests from 'The 100', particularly Bob Morley and Sachin Sahel. Also, anyone from 'Game of Thrones' or 'The Walking Dead'.
  6. Anyone from 'The 100'. It's a very popular show but you've never had any of the cast at any of your events.
  7. Bob Morley (and anyone else from The 100) Andrew Lincoln (and anyone else from The Walking Dead) Peter Dinklage (and anyone else from Game of Thrones) Aiden Turner
  8. Any cast members from The 100 please
  9. Please, please let's have some guests from The 100. It's a very popular show and the actors have been doing lots of cons in Europe but there's only been one for them in the UK. Also, any Game of Thrones guests would be very welcome.
  10. Cast of The 100 Bob Morley Richard Harmon (also in Continuum and Bates Motel) Sachin Sahel Chris Larkin Devon Bostick Eliza Taylor Lindsey Morgan Marie Avgeropolous Ricky Whittle Zach McGowan (also in Black Sails) Jarod Joseph Jonathan Whitesell Paige Turco Michael Beach (also in Sons of Anarchy) Henry Ian Cusick (also in Lost) Cast of American Gods Ricky Whittle (yes, he's in both lists!) Ian McShane Pablo Shreiber Bruce Langley
  11. Anyone from - The 100 Game of Thrones The Walking Dead
  12. I just read the long thread about a big name who was supposed to be announced yesterday then the thread seemed to be locked and I can't find another one actually saying who it is. Can anyone tell me please? Thanks.
  13. I'd love an event for 'The 100'. Any other fans here?
  14. Sons of Anarchy was mentioned above by Chubby. An actor who appeared in that was Michael Beach who's currently in my favourite series 'The 100'. He hasn't done conventions before but has mentioned on Twitter (where he chats away to anyone and everyone) that he's now actively looking to do them. He's been in lots of other things too and is really lovely so he'd make a great guest.
  15. How about a special 'The 100' convention? I went to one (run by another company) a few weeks ago and it was great.
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