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  1. Alexandra Breckenridge (American Horror Story/The Walking Dead/True Blood) Met her last weekend and she was such a genuinely nice person. Full of energy and loved meeting fans. Would love to see her at one of your shows.
  2. Anyone from the Divergent cast would be pretty amazing.
  3. Anyone from Divergent or American Horror Story would be great!
  4. I was very let down by the drinks reception. The organisation was rubbish. There was far too many people on our table and people just followed guests (especially Peter) from table to table. We got barely 3 minutes to talk to some guests and like Gillian said, Justin never even made it to ours. I couldn't get a word in edgeways to talk to the guests nor could I hear them at times. I've been told several times how enjoyable the reception's usually are so I was expecting something alot better than that. My first time going gold and it's likely to be my last. I would have rather put the extra money towards a guest encounter and went silver.
  5. Highlighter's at the ready? Lol
  6. I agree with the others. It's not fair to say they're limited then suddenly release more. What about those people who wanted gold but have had to settle for silver instead?
  7. Afraid I'm going to have to say no aswell. I'm sick to death of this 50 shades hype, I wish it would die down!
  8. Please! I'd love to meet Jamie. I've only briefly met him at the BD premiere which isn't the same. I've heard only good things about him!
  9. As much as I'd love them to be there, it'd be absolute chaos and the whole atmosphere would be different. I can't see it happening tbh, they rarely do official conventions let alone unofficial
  10. 23 weeks yesterday I believe. Not that I've been counting down since ET7 or anything
  11. ^^I've managed to book a double room for thursday-monday, non exec and at con code
  12. I went to ET4 alone and I made some of the greatest friends ever :) You'll be fine!
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