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  1. if you're not making money from it or mass reproducing it, I don't see how it's a problem. I'm pretty sure 100% of the photos will be for private use only and come under fair use as it states in the P-09 Copyright law
  2. Yeah no problem! Is there anyway you can upload on here ?
  3. Absolutely no problem at all. I have Adobe Lightroom + Adobe Photoshop + Affinity so can definitely make nice amendments :) I edit mine all the time even if they come out good.
  4. I know this might not be consolation, but if anyone is unhappy with their pic I will happily edit no probs. I'm a Photography& Graphics student @ Uni. Would love to help out a fellow con-goer if I can :)
  5. I feel so bad for all the people that had photos with her to be honest, disheartening when you pay £45 and you end up with something so bleh. From what I heard from some crew,it seems vanity played a factor in the flash setting. I will say though, I think this is a complete anomaly as shoots are usually extremely top quality from SM (at least in my experience!) hope it was still a decent meet for you
  6. Can I just say how beyond lovely Natalie Dormer is?! Made time for everyone. Super keen, super friendly and an overall amazing meet!! Thank you so much Showmasters team for getting her back!!
  7. sorry but can I just say her security are absolutely rude. The one with the man bun properly pushed me in to the wall out of the way because I didn't realize she was walking behind me.I'm all for gender equality, but like as a 21 year old lass it was super intimidating to say the least!! Gave my pop funko of her to someone else in the end. Wasn't keen after that.
  8. my initial question was what format to autos come under? Is it just diamond for Pamela or can you VT?
  9. is there any change in her auto conditions today? Do you need a diamond pass or can you just get a VT? I know on occasion if a guest is busy on Saturday it can change on Sunday. Please say it's just VT! 7 hour treck for this woman! Lol
  10. never got refunded for Charles Dance cancellation and Carice van Houten pre-order. Was just wondering if it would've shown up on my card by now. I 100% understand and appreciate that Showmasters are super busy, but just a little concerned tis all :)
  11. This isn't Showmasters policy, this is applied by the guest and/or their agent. We don't know if this will be applied until the day, and sometimes we're asked to change it part way through the day due to pace of queue progression because the guest wants to see as many people as possible. There are a number of guests I would love to meet and can't afford, and even as crew No Posed Photos or No Photos applies to us as well. Sorry, but this one is out of our hands. I know these are VERY specific examples but Carice van Houten was more than happy to take photos with people at the
  12. Her responses to the articles on twitter are amazing though :3
  13. This year's con was great! That being said, I don't think i'll be attending next year :3
  14. The picture and book look so cool. Is that a home made autograph/art book you made yourself? Yeah it's my sketckbook!! She posted my drawing on her Instagram a month or so ago, so I thought i'd get her to sign it :3
  15. Rose Leslie and Carice van amazingness Houten :3 She was so nice about my drawing!!! :3 [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// [/url]">http://
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