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  1. received Friday Jeremy renner photoshoot refund today fast work show masters many thanks x
  2. Would like to see everyone's signed pictures from over the weekend
  3. Sorry if I have already missed this answer but do we need to print the tickets or can we just show them on our phones?
  4. Kids of that age will not be expected to wait in line alone. That's great thank you, I have one very excited boy :-)
  5. For a child that young you will be able to queue with him, yes. Great thank you :-)
  6. I bought a delorean photo op for my 5 year old son who is bttf mad can someone just confirm that I will be able to que up with him as I don't really want him queuing alone? Many thanks
  7. My five year old son is not going to sleep tonight he's bttf obsessed! We just got him the photo shoot and he is so excited! Great guest showmasters :-)
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