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  1. It's been confirmed by his family and many news outlets today that Joseph Laurinaitis AKA Road Warrior Animal has sadly passed away aged 60. I had the pleasure of meeting him for a photo at Bournemouth Film and Comic Con in 2016 and I always admired how he brought his famous spiked shoulder pads and applied his face paint every time. Sad news. Image source: IMDB
  2. Usually my wife is with me but this year as she couldn't make it (very pregnant), I brought all my photos home and showed her. But as far as anyone else goes, I just uploaded a couple of the most well known people on Facebook and leave the rest - mainly because people don't really react if they don't know who they are. You'll always get people that don't know who "really famous" people are but it gets worse when the person isn't "current" or on TV all the time. This year though my wife was super excited to see all the photos when I got back! Which was a nice change
  3. Today was probably the craziest LFCC day I've ever had, in the past I would come for one day and do 4 photo ops, but this time I did 8 (I don't know how some people manage 15+)! These are my experiences of my Sunday at LFCC 2019; I had a photo op with Melina first thing, every person got a really nice photo that I could see, a really warm person. Then I had a photo op with Jenna Coleman which I was a little nervous for, and although brief, she said hi, smiled and the photo is great! At about 1:15pm, we were looking around the stalls and came across a t-shirt one that my b
  4. Hi guys, apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. I currently have a photo op with Jenna Coleman on Sunday (Batch 1) and I am considering getting a photo with Melina too. Jenna's photo shoot is shown as 11:00am to 12:00pm and Melina's is shown as 11:05am to 11:10am So I figured as long as Jenna has sold X amount of photos and DP's then I'll be safe because once I'm done with Melina's shoot, there's bound to be loads of people still in line at Jenna's, but I've noticed DPs and photos for Jenna are still on Batch 1... which could be covered in 5 - 10 mins easily? So I
  5. I regret not meeting him a few years back at LFCC actually, he did seem to be having the time of his life meeting people! Next time for sure!
  6. I guess where they're on TV pretty much every week, sometimes several times a week, especially in the US they are always in people's minds so they probably get stopped ALL the time! I can imagine that it could get a bit tiring, but like you say - at cons that's what they sign up for :)
  7. That's awesome, if not a little bit self assured on part of the wrestling guest I'm intrigued as to who it was now though - sounds like they handled the situation pretty well! Glad you've had good experiences with them though - even though it's not your main interest!
  8. Ohhh definitely go ahead and give it a try! I would absolutely recommend it now, that being said I was REALLY nervous to ask. I did that thing kids do where they say "maybe, possibly if you don't mind, if it's not too much trouble" most wrestlers especially if they've spent time in WWE will have received a lot of training around meeting fans, it makes them excellent people to meet at cons!
  9. I'm pretty sure I've written about it before but at LFCC 2017 I got a photo with William Regal, and then went and queued up to get it signed by him. Me and my wife both queued but she darted to the side at the front of the queue to photograph me meeting him. I was really nervous to ask if he would record a short video message for me to play at my fellow wrestling buddy's wedding of which I was best man literally the following Friday after the con. To my relief he was 100% happy to do it, ask for their names and recorded a short and funny message which went down amazingly during my best man spe
  10. Well that's a story and a half that must have been so awesome! I'm not sure if I would have found the courage to approach them myself to be fair!
  11. It was exactly that track! It is indeed a good song. It just really stood out because really whenever a wrestler turns up to anything you'd always hope they could come out to their entrance music but I guess a lot of the time it might not be possible due to rights etc. Especially if the wrestler is a legend and their music hasn't been used recently and the rights probably aren't currently held all the time by WWE
  12. I agree with that, although the first year Edge came along, Colt Cabana hosted the session and Edge came out to his entrance music which was pretty awesome but it did expose what you just said though
  13. Two years ago ago I met William Regal and the following Friday my buddy was getting married, and I was his best man! I was super nervous to ask but I had my photo with him, went to get it signed and then plucked up the courage to say "Don't worry if not but it's my buddy's wedding in 6 days and it would be amazing if I could play a recorded message for them from you?" and to my complete relief he said "yes of course, what are their names?" and to this day he has been my favourite guest because he didn't make it seem like a big ask at all. RVD was a legend too, really pleasant to chat to!
  14. I have to say that I have always been appreciative of Showmasters putting on free wrestling talks, I know wrestlers aren't everyone's cup of tea, so to speak, but it's awesome for those of us that are into it!
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