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  1. I keep thinking that I've missed something with how quiet the forum is, I even (naively) kept the forum tab open on my phone when I arrived this morning expecting lots of activity of people excited or reporting who they'd seen arrive like years gone by. What happened? Was it covid? Has interest just dwindled? There used to be like 10 regular mods all frequently commenting and helping but no more. Anyway, I made the decision to get a 3 hour train each way on my own for the first time to visit this weekend, the guest list wasn't amazing, even less so with all the cancellations but I managed to get 6 hours out of it, spent a fortune on stalls, met Danny Trejo and Lochlyn Munro (had to meet someone in the end) and had quite a few chats with other con-goers. Overall quite good but nothing on the past shows. I think today was my last event to be fair
  2. Ahh that's a shame, I hope you don't feel unable to contribute for that reason. This forum is intended to be a safe place for fans to express fair and reasonable opinions and interests and if anyone was nasty about it then I'm sure there's a process in place for that too.
  3. It's a shame about the forums going quiet, I just came onto here and noticed how it was so much quieter than previous years. You used to have activity constantly for months before a couple of weeks after the event. I don't know if I missed something but I noticed there haven't been wrestlers at the events for a couple of years(?) which is a shame as it was one of my main reasons for going. Did I miss a reason why this might be?
  4. It's been confirmed by his family and many news outlets today that Joseph Laurinaitis AKA Road Warrior Animal has sadly passed away aged 60. I had the pleasure of meeting him for a photo at Bournemouth Film and Comic Con in 2016 and I always admired how he brought his famous spiked shoulder pads and applied his face paint every time. Sad news. Image source: IMDB
  5. Usually my wife is with me but this year as she couldn't make it (very pregnant), I brought all my photos home and showed her. But as far as anyone else goes, I just uploaded a couple of the most well known people on Facebook and leave the rest - mainly because people don't really react if they don't know who they are. You'll always get people that don't know who "really famous" people are but it gets worse when the person isn't "current" or on TV all the time. This year though my wife was super excited to see all the photos when I got back! Which was a nice change
  6. Today was probably the craziest LFCC day I've ever had, in the past I would come for one day and do 4 photo ops, but this time I did 8 (I don't know how some people manage 15+)! These are my experiences of my Sunday at LFCC 2019; I had a photo op with Melina first thing, every person got a really nice photo that I could see, a really warm person. Then I had a photo op with Jenna Coleman which I was a little nervous for, and although brief, she said hi, smiled and the photo is great! At about 1:15pm, we were looking around the stalls and came across a t-shirt one that my buddy was looking at. I noticed Gemma Whelan standing next to him browsing, my buddy started chatting to the stall holder and Gemma turned around, I asked her how she was doing and how her day was going. Apparently the stall holder was an old uni friend of hers and she was goofing around behind the stall. I thought "Why haven't I got a photo booked with her?" so I checked the app, it was in 30 minutes! I booked it and she was so warm and friendly. I asked if she had any luck selling the t-shirts and she said no and that she didn't think it was her calling! I went to get my photo with Melina signed at her desk and she was the sweetest person to chat to, she seemed so appreciative of every person that came to speak to her. I thanked her and she said "no, thank you for being so sweet!" I then had photo ops with Lennie James who was awesome, really friendly and took a few seconds to chat with everyone. I quickly said that I really enjoyed "Save Me" and he said thanks I'm working on the second series right now! Then I had photos with Vickie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero who were both really nice too. I also went to get my Gemma Whelan photo signed at her desk, she said we looked gorgeous together () and I joked that we both brought out the best in each other - she's so funny to chat to! Before I left I said to her that when she had a photo op with my wife 2 years ago she had her little bump and now 2 years later my wife is due in 3 weeks with our first. She welled up and said she felt quite emotional and asked if we were having a boy or a girl and gave some lovely advice about it being a challenge but so rewarding. I asked how her little one was doing and it was just all round such a lovely guest encounter. I came away from it with a huge smile on my face! My guest experiences were brilliant which I feel very lucky for, I also saw QS in a queue but was too scared to say hi I also bought a few mystery boxes spending a total of £30 and ended up with a stranger things mug, nintendo mug, another mug, 2x 3D posters, a bunch of pins and stickers, 2x premium marvel and harry potter notepads among a load of other stuff so it looks like the mystery boxes I picked were actually well worth it. This year was quite possibly the best year I have ever had at LFCC for sure, guests were wonderful, my experiences were fantastic!
  7. Hi guys, apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. I currently have a photo op with Jenna Coleman on Sunday (Batch 1) and I am considering getting a photo with Melina too. Jenna's photo shoot is shown as 11:00am to 12:00pm and Melina's is shown as 11:05am to 11:10am So I figured as long as Jenna has sold X amount of photos and DP's then I'll be safe because once I'm done with Melina's shoot, there's bound to be loads of people still in line at Jenna's, but I've noticed DPs and photos for Jenna are still on Batch 1... which could be covered in 5 - 10 mins easily? So I was wondering why Jenna has an hours slot at present and whether that's enough to go on for me to buy a photo with Melina, because even if I tell the person at the shoot, Jenna could be done with 1 batch of people before 11:10am anyway and I'll have missed it entirely. Help appreciated, thanks :)
  8. I regret not meeting him a few years back at LFCC actually, he did seem to be having the time of his life meeting people! Next time for sure!
  9. I guess where they're on TV pretty much every week, sometimes several times a week, especially in the US they are always in people's minds so they probably get stopped ALL the time! I can imagine that it could get a bit tiring, but like you say - at cons that's what they sign up for :)
  10. That's awesome, if not a little bit self assured on part of the wrestling guest I'm intrigued as to who it was now though - sounds like they handled the situation pretty well! Glad you've had good experiences with them though - even though it's not your main interest!
  11. Ohhh definitely go ahead and give it a try! I would absolutely recommend it now, that being said I was REALLY nervous to ask. I did that thing kids do where they say "maybe, possibly if you don't mind, if it's not too much trouble" most wrestlers especially if they've spent time in WWE will have received a lot of training around meeting fans, it makes them excellent people to meet at cons!
  12. I'm pretty sure I've written about it before but at LFCC 2017 I got a photo with William Regal, and then went and queued up to get it signed by him. Me and my wife both queued but she darted to the side at the front of the queue to photograph me meeting him. I was really nervous to ask if he would record a short video message for me to play at my fellow wrestling buddy's wedding of which I was best man literally the following Friday after the con. To my relief he was 100% happy to do it, ask for their names and recorded a short and funny message which went down amazingly during my best man speech. After I thanked him profusely, he even took the time to turn to my wife who was a good few metres to the side and said thanks / bye to her too! Absolute legend - was buzzing for days afterwards!
  13. Well that's a story and a half that must have been so awesome! I'm not sure if I would have found the courage to approach them myself to be fair!
  14. It was exactly that track! It is indeed a good song. It just really stood out because really whenever a wrestler turns up to anything you'd always hope they could come out to their entrance music but I guess a lot of the time it might not be possible due to rights etc. Especially if the wrestler is a legend and their music hasn't been used recently and the rights probably aren't currently held all the time by WWE
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