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  1. I want to thank the guy in glasses with his hair tied back who was working at the second stage talks on Sunday. He playfully teased my friend and I (mainly me, lol!) whenever we turned up (we had a few we wanted to see), and he certainly made even more highlights of the weekend, due to us laughing!
  2. My friend and I stayed at Premier Inn in Earls Court this year. Half an hour walk, so it might be a little far, but it's quiet, comfortable, and peaceful.
  3. I have a few. Asking John Carroll Lynch his most memorable moment as Twisty the Clown, and he said shooting one particular scene at 3:30am, he needed to drop to the floor.. he was so tired he fell asleep the second he landed! Also my friend who wasn't sure who he was to begin with, wanted an autograph herself by the end of the weekend, so please bring him back soon Showmasters! Demolition: the guys were just so unbelievably nice! The crew member with his hair tied back working at the talks Sunday, and his playful teasing of my friend and I (mainly me!), such a brilliant, funny guy and definitely added to the weekend highlights!
  4. Simply due to the massive queue that seemed to spring up on Sunday! My friend was hoping for an autograph, so during our wait (I was her carer and we weren't far back), Richard saw the size of his queue and personally went along all those waiting to apologise and promised he would get to everyone eventually. A wonderful guest! VQ for his next attendance, possibly?
  5. Absolutely loved those guys! I met them on behalf of my wrestling-obsessed Mother (who couldn't attend due to age and health), and they asked after her, etc. They were such sweet guys, and I could easily have just stayed and chatted with them for ages had I had the opportunity! I wanted to return to them later in the weekend for my own autograph, but being so busy I never got the chance. They gained a new fan that day (and coming from someone who is not a wrestling fan, that's saying something!), hope Showmasters brings them back someday.
  6. All autographs for me this year, plus met Tricia Helfer alongside my friend, who was hunting her autograph, lol! My list Tom Morga John Carroll Lynch (who, on my question of his favourite moment as Twisty the Clown told me that as he hit the ground in his death scene, he fell straight to sleep considering they were filming at 3:30am at the time!) Demolition (on behalf of my wrestling-obsessed mother, but were such lovely guys, I ended up wanting to see them again later in the weekend... didn't happen, sadly) Chris Durand Carol Cleveland Lalla Ward Sean Biggerstaff (one of my favourites of the weekend) Danielle Tabor Louise Jameson Matthew Waterhouse Nicola Bryant Jimmy Vee (I believe I may have missed his guest announcement somehow, but he was a wonderful surprise guest, bonus guest for me)
  7. A brilliant guest! As I've met him twice before, I'm dithering whether to meet him again or not... may check my bank balance first, lol!
  8. My friend and I have a 3-day ticket (general entry), but we won't be arriving at the venue till at least Friday lunchtime, is the West Entrance the one we head to? Tiny bit confused and want to clarify.
  9. Zack Pearlman please Showmasters! Voice of Snotlout (TV version) from DreamWorks Dragons amongst other stuff. I asked him on Twitter if he'll do LFCC, and he said yes, so please get him if you can! 😍
  10. Me too, I used to be pretty quiet/shy, wouldn't really speak to anyone unless they befriended me first. Going to my first convention back in 2003 (thanks SM!), I knew I'd need to at least say something to the guests I would meet. From that point on, it got easier all the time, and I'm a lot more confident these days (apart from the odd moment, lol!). :)
  11. Oh trust me, I don't want to, but have to due to health issues. Perhaps I'll make LFCCW my last one instead...
  12. Aw, he was great at LFCC, hope he's managing to shake off that chest infection he had.
  13. Doctor Who was one of the reasons I met him, but he's been in so many things I love, and considering I missed him last time, I insisted he would be top of my list this time. He'll stay at the top of my list too, ready for him to (hopefully) come back again.
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