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  1. Was he actually there?? I didn't see him anywhere but I never saw anything to say he had cancelled either
  2. Excellent...... another ewok for the poster!! I love Total Recall too....... (and Howard the duck)
  3. Excellent guest........... i hadn't started my Prequals poster when i met him in MK. Time to get Jango signed on there i think!!
  4. I'm not one for cosplaying myself but I do love to see the great outfits you all come in. I also do like to get some pics too......... but usually i'm too shy to ask!!
  5. Please please PLEASE!!! Bring Carrie back........ I missed her last time.
  6. As always it was a brilliant event, brilliantly organised, brilliantly run, brilliant guests. Did I mention I thought it was brilliant?
  7. http://www.facebook.com/people/Stephen-Whiteside/534880869 I already put my twitter one on here but I forgot my Facebook one, I think that is right!!
  8. If anyone saw me wandering around feel free to add me on twitter @StephenW2010
  9. I'll be there somewhere and I am in the hotel too. I should be in a star wars top with my stormtrooper hoodie on too!!
  10. Ben Browder - To Steve "Welcome to the SS Buttcrack!" Ben and I had to think about a good quote and thats the one Ben came up with. He did say that it was the first time he has ever signed that!!
  11. All the guests I met were really great but Ben was a star. I completely forgot what quote i wanted on the pic when i got to the front, Ben was brilliant and he couldn't think of one either but I did put him on the spot.......... He did come up with one eventually though and i thought it was quality. I am now the proud owner of a pic signed "Welcome to the SS Buttcrack" brilliant. Ben is a top top man. Also thanks to the brilliant member of the crew who took a great pic of Ben for me after accidently walking in front of the one i was taking. i do have a great pic of the back of your head whoever you are!!!
  12. Well looking at the dates again, I'd quite like to get both events dates changed cos i can't go to either now!!! Its my son's 7th birthday and parties and things are being arranged! No fair
  13. Well if they are on the same dates, I guess I'll just have to go to both. It'll all depend on guests I suppose.
  14. well i do not know the dates of the other organisers' event as they have not been published yet but i did ask at the NEC and they said there was no event on like our event on that weekend so can i ask you how you know it is on as there is nothing out there saying this ? jason The dates listed on their webpage
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