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  1. Latest guest announcement - EVE MYLES

    Excellent news! Have met her a couple of times before & she is absolutely lovely.
  2. Guest Suggestions

    How did I know you were going to say her, lol.
  3. Hotel booked already!

    That was good timing! I now have 2 trips to Cardiff on my calendar this year, good times.
  4. Torchwood tour on Sat night

    Me too !! Me three. I may have only done one of The Hubs but I miss it loads. So this happening is something pretty special indeed!
  5. Hotel booked already!

    Nothing like being prepared, a day after it being announced, lol!
  6. Hotel booked already!

    All booked up too! Can't wait!
  7. Torchwood tour on Sat night

    Now this is already sounding like it's going to be an absolute amazing weekend! I'd most definately be up for the Torchwood tour, and so would quite a few of my friends!
  8. As much I'd absolutely love it to be Daniel Craig, unforuntately, it's going to be extremely unlikely that it is him. *sobs* I think everyone has already taken a guess of who I'd like it to be. Whoever the guest turns out to be, I'm sure it'll be fantastic.
  9. Latest guest announcement - Matt Smith The Doctor

    AWESOME!!!! This has made me such a happy fangirl, thank you so much Showmasters! Really looking forward to meeting him.
  10. How was David Tennant

    He was really nice to everyone & very chatty! I loved that he took the time to properly speak to everyone. I know when me & my sister went up to get all our items signed he was happily chatting away to us & was so funny when he was commenting on all the other signatures that I'd got for my boxsets! He also had a good read at The Christmas Invasion script that my sister had & her canvas & was even giving her suggestions of where to hang it! Lol! We were also lucky enough to get into David's guest encounter & that was a fantastic experience. Made both our weekends!
  11. Almost there :)

    Yay!!! Tis almost time! Getting very excited. Will be a fun packed weekend, & I shall be bouncing about like a mad person like I normally do. @Tracy99cat can't wait to see your TARDIS dress, bet it looks amazing.
  12. Buying extra autographs

    Thanks for the clarification Too Tall! I think I shall be bringing a couple of extra items to get signed now. This makes me happy!
  13. Buying extra autographs

    1. You buy any extra autographs that you want at the registration desk. 2. I think they normally limit you to 2 extra autographs per person, but I could be mistaken. Can someone confirm this?
  14. Lords of Time Schedule - UPDATED 6/9/12

    I shall see you all on Saturday morning! Its almost time!
  15. Photo of the Guests for Silver Ticket holders

    Both silver & gold ticket holders get photos with all the guests attending & a group photo of the guests attending (but not with you in it) as part of their package. Perhaps as there are different guests on both days I wonder if we'll get the group photos from both days or just one of the days.