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  1. Quite a number of years ago at one of the Milton Keynes events,SM had both Lance Henriksen and Megan Gallagher together from The TV show Millennium. As there is a brand new documentary about the show just been released(and as it happens to be my favourite tv show ever) how about some Millennium guests? Lance Henriksen Megan Gallagher Terry O'Quinn Brittany Tiplady Kristen Cloke Sarah-Jane Redmond (best TV show villain ever "Lucy Butler") CCH Pounder Klea Scott Stephen E. Miller Bill Smitrovich Most of them have crossover appeal from lots of other TV work also,not sure if Terry has ever done an event here(and maybe i missed it) but him and Sarah-Jane Redmond would be a dream come true. You can do this SM!
  2. Queen's recent comments concerning not ruling out anyone because there is already guests attending from the same fandom,makes me think she was attempting to steer people back in a certain direction(whilst sneakily never mentioning Dr Who at all),and so I conclude it's likely Chris. Alternatively,it could have just been a cunning plan to throw people off the scent.
  3. This is great,another guest that i've been wanting to meet for a long time,but it's just never worked out for me at any of her previous appearences,Sean Chapman and Clive Barker would make nice additions to this event One of my greatest ever regrets is not being able to attend the LFCC that Clive did a few years ago,that will probably have been the only opportunity to ever meet him.
  4. Awesome news! I've been wanting to meet Amanda for a long time,but i could never get to the previous events she's done,i was hoping this day would come,thanks SM! I was just thinking about her a few days ago when she popped up in an episode of Dexter i was watching,hopefully more NOES guests to come,fingers crossed for Ronee Blakley or Jsu Garcia maybe.
  5. I'm a bit lost for words right now,but my thoughts go out to his family at this time,i'm sure an inspiration to many,and the coming days will bring many tributes. R.I.P Tobe,you will be sadly missed by a generation,and i'm sure by many generations to come.
  6. Jason,do you think there is any chance that Clive Barker could come again(I couldn't attend that year) or was that a definate one-off?
  7. Thanks for the feedback Jason,i think you just pretty much confirmed my suspicions,that the best hope/possibility is for a dedicated horror event. I understand what your saying,but I have to say,i'm not surprised that horror guests at regionals hasn't worked,I think the problem is that horror fans on the whole tend to be pretty much exclusively into horror,i can only speak for myself,but I suspect I'm not alone on this,i've recently wanted(and still do) to meet a number of horror guests that have been at regionals(sean chapman,claire Higgins,john duggan,teri McMinn,ari lehman,amanda wyss.......just to name a few off the top of my head)but in virtually all cases they were the only person(s) at the event I wanted to see,so if that one or two people cancel,the tickets and travel etc end up being a total waste of money,i suspect it's too much of a risk for a lot of people. You hit the nail on the head *it's very hard to please all horror fans,with one or two guests" there lies the problem. I went to LFCC because even if one or two guests cancelled,it would still leave at least one or two to go for,so it wouldn't be totally throwing money away for nothing. An SM organised Weekend Of Hell Uk may be the answer......?
  8. Nevermind,sorry just noticed that he's in the UK in the site help section,threw me seeing the prices in dollars
  9. Very interested,thanks very much for that i'll bookmark that site,some fantastic posters on there,i think I like virtually every single one funny that I recently mentioned American Werewolf being something I'd like to get a nice poster of,i tried bidding on a UK quad the other day,but they just go for so much money now,i had to bow out.he has a really nice one there. It looks like he's in the U.S right? did you just order one? did you get any VAT charges or anything when it arrived? anything over £15 value would be liable to get Royal Mail admin charge(£8) and VAT put on,that could bump the price up a bit.
  10. Very,very nice,that Chainsaw poster is gorgeous,and the Halloween and Hellraiser,Friday The 13th one's too,i really struggled finding something from those films that was a bit different,but nice(and affordable) I ended up just getting some reproduction posters for them (U.S one sheet for Hellbound,U.S one sheet for Friday The 13th and the U.K quad for Texas Chainsaw) That more generic art you have gone for is a good choice(especially with film series with many volumes and potential signatures),as your not restricted to any one of the series,i was going to bring my Crystal Lake Memories book to be signed(which I already have a lot of the Jason's at the beginning of)but decided I didn't really want it covered in signatures from beginning to end,plus it's heavy to keep taking around I already have a U.K quad of the first Hellraiser with many signatures on,so I shyed away from getting a Hellbound one and having to try all over again to get a lot of the same signatures. I'm a bit sad that I only got a signed photo when I met Gunnar,now that I have a repro poster which Tobe has signed(especially with a few of the other cast members doing cons at the moment) but oh well. One other film I'd really really like to have something special of is An American Werewolf In London,love that film,just got one signed photo for that film so far(David Naughton),but there's a reasonable chance that quite a few of the cast could do appearance's still(and John Landis) You've made some great choice's there my friend,that's some fantastic artwork you got signed,you should be immensely proud
  11. That Alien poster is fantastic,never seen that before,i've always been put off getting something from Alien signed due to most of the poster artwork being a bit plain and uninspiring,i may need to look around more.Thanks for posting!
  12. I'm not personally a fan of tattoo's on lasses tbh,but hey,if it gets you his number,it's gotta be a consideration. I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you that he gets added to Glasgow I was about to say Glasgow would be a bit far for me if someone was announced I really wanted to meet,but living where I do(pretty much in the middle of the country) I don't suppose I can really use that excuse.
  13. That's cool,i understand,hopefully he'll check in on here at some point and maybe pass comment
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