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  1. samjane84

    Guest Suggestions

    apologies not on here often never realised post has been edited :)
  2. samjane84

    Guest Suggestions

    Would love them to get Charlie Hunnam Ryan Hurst and Theo Rossi from Sons of anarchy David Boreanaz Charisma Carpenter Nina Dobrev Christian Slater David Tennant
  3. samjane84

    Diamond Passes

    cool. thank you :)
  4. samjane84

    Diamond Passes

    Its my first time doing collectormania and heard picking up the diamond passes was a bit chaotic last year is it just saturday and sunday to pick up the passes or can we pick up on friday? As im interested in possibly getting Mads Thank you :)
  5. totally understand thank you for getting back to me will contact my friend thanks :)
  6. I have a problem as I got a diamond pass from a friend she has had to cancel coming due to unforseen circumstances would she have to email the shop to let them know of the change as when I emailed them a few weeks ago they said they are not transferable and I don't want to be stuck with a pass that I can't use when she isn't in London
  7. samjane84

    Latest Guest Announcement TOMMY FLANAGAN

    wondered if something was up. gonna wait til it's sorted to book ticket
  8. samjane84

    Latest Guest Announcement - CHRISTIAN

    So So happy as I couldn't get to Collectormania last month. Finally be able to get my WWE mag completed w/ E+C and hardyz on it. Also loving the joint photoshoot to booked as soon as I found out :)
  9. samjane84


    Cool, thank you for replying :)
  10. samjane84


    Hi just a quick question will be trying to get an autograph for my brother on the Friday. If I go there straight away and pick up a VT for it would the chances of getting an auto without a diamond pass be high as I haven't done this for a big guest before Many thanks Sam
  11. samjane84

    Huge Guest Announcement- Friday - 7pm

    I would love the announcement to be either Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal or David Boreanaz
  12. samjane84

    Huge Guest Announcement- Friday - 7pm

    one day babe it might happen at least you have Pamela this year
  13. samjane84

    Guest Suggestions

    Main guests Charlie Hunnam Katy Sagal David Tennant Ryan Hurst Mariska Hartigay Wrestling guest suggestions Medusa - alundra blaze Four horseman Rick Martel Ivory Trish stratus Torrie Wilson Sable Stone Cold
  14. So happy with this announcement one of the sons guys I want to meet. Fingers crossed for ryan Hurst or theo rossi next :)
  15. samjane84

    Gift Vouchers

    Hi just a quick question about the vouchers will they be available to buy up to the event as I think last time was only a limited time as I am thinking of getting some nearer the event. Cheers :)