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  1. If it was Emilio Estervez I’d have given you everything I own to meet him. Gutted
  2. Yes I have my tickets and paper copies etc. But the electronic tickets don’t seem to have the batch numbers on.
  3. Can I just ask. The electronic tickets don’t seem to have batch numbers on. How can I prove what batch I am in, unless I take the paper versions
  4. I was just wondering if anyone knew why they have decided not to include a opening ceremony ticket with the package like in previous years?
  5. I thought apart from friday, queuing wasn't too bad, although, I did get a bit used to queuing that instead of walking straight in to the event on the Saturday I automatically joined the queue for a cash machine. But I do agree with the comments above that it's a lot to do with the attendees, people were gathering round photo areas with batches above five when they were still on the previous guest.
  6. I don't have a picture, but I would like to say, the guy in the march of the Klingons talk who got up on stage to do the Klingon anthem was excellent! Well done to him!
  7. I guess it's up to that individual, everyone has a cut off point of what they'd pay up to. I've paid £95 for a two second shot with Michael J Fox, some people wouldn't pay that, but for me it was worth it. Some people go and pay an x amount for someone that I wouldn't pay to see. Showmarsters have come such a long way, the stars are getting bigger, which means the prices reflect it. My friend come along, didn't get any photo shoots or autos, it was the atmosphere she came for. Sometimes people have other things in life that they want to spend their money on, which is understandable, it is just down to that individual. I've been to a few cons now, spent a lot of money, but i have some great memories, and I'm looking forward to my next, but who knows, by that time I may have other things to spend my money on.
  8. Thanks, I've sent the screen shots from the app and forwarded the ticket email as it says it on there too.
  9. Sounds odd, should be Friday night from everything I've seen... Yeh it says Friday night on the listing, but on the ticket on eventbrite it says Saturday, I don't want to buy the Friday one incase its a mistake
  10. Sorry if this has been asked.... I have bought the lieutenant package and it says Friday night party ticket included, but on my eventbrite app it says Saturday night, can you please confirm which is correct, I want to buy the one I don't have! Thanks
  11. I'd like Brannon Braga and Rick Berman
  12. I'm going with my sister in law, we were going to go in jeans for the Friday and wearing a dress for the Saturday. But from memory, everyone wore really different stuff in previous years, so you won't feel the odd one out whether you're wearing-dress down with jeans or dressed up.
  13. Saturday is quite busy, by Sunday the guests seem tired. I try to do more on a Friday as the guests seem to be quite chipper!
  14. you mean to say you didn't get enough of Mr Urban last time...!!?? I remember the photo thread conversation! Never enough Karl Urban!
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