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  1. I was there all 3 days. picked up my gold pass on Thursday so there was no need to on Friday. arrived just after 6am on Friday stood in the gold pass q chatting to various other gold pass attendees wondering who was going to meet who and who had a diamond pass and what they were going to get signed went in at 5 mintues to ten. same happened on Saturday arrived at just after 6am same happened as Friday talking in the q while waiting let in at 5 to nine walked to get vq tickets and a few autographs left just after 6.40pm in the evening. o sunday being me and my brother didn't have many autographs to get on sunday we left a little bit later and was there just after 7am was let int the venue just after 8.30am because of the rain let in just before 9am autographs got by 10am and we left just after midday. now its three days after the con its my first day back to work (had two days off work to recover from the weekend) and I really miss all that walking about looking to see which guests we wanted bumping into fiends we made in the q and some of the sm crew who were great. roll on next year.
  2. yeah I know I'm not into the funko pop thing. best things I bought was star wars black series 6 inch figures as I found them cheaper at the show then in a retail shop and that was over 2 different stalls
  3. my highs meeting sam neill was a great experience for me. told him that I recently watched reily aces of spies he asked me if it was still that good I said yes it was and his reply was I haven't seen that in over 40 years i'll have to take your word for it. tony robinson was great too peter weller (more on that in my lows) was ok for me also met guy siner on Friday and i'm still laughing about him and the others from allo allo being dressed up as gruber her flick and Helga lol @(it made my day) james caan was also a high for me too said hello and thank you even joked with me about my asking if he would use my gold pen as he finished I ask can I have my gold pen back please he laughed and said no i'm keeping it before giving me it back) had time on Friday and sunday to look around the stalls and get exactly what I wanted. another high was meeting a lady called Christine and her son alex I saw them in the que for james caan on Friday and we got talking I found out alex is autistic and doesn't like queing as we was waiting we found out james caan was not singing until 12.30am so we left the que I said to both of them have a lovely day and didn't see them again until Saturday queing to get a vq ticket for sam neill as we were waiting alex wanted the free dr who comic so Christine asked me if I would stay with alex I said yeah sure as we was waiting people were just barging past and alex kept saying sorry I said to him not to as it was them who should say sorry not him this was still happening as Christine returned and she told him the same thing. then we finally got our vq tickets for sam neill as we waked off Christine told me that they were getting all the doctors over the weekend and that was the last time I saw them was looking for them on sunday to say this I hope you have a lovely time and get all the doctors you want and hopefully i'll see you both next year my lows on Friday I joined the ray park que I then had a 2 hour wait for him as he was chatting to everone n the que (I don't have a problem with this) but it did annyoy me that a guy (I guess he was a dealer had loads of lightsabers for ray to sign and then ray park decided to do a lightsaber display while he had a very long que also I heard he had been talking to someone in the que for his autograph for 35 to 45 mintues. another low was peter wellers que I went with my brother and as we got there my brother said join the que you have your gold pass so I joined the que my brother went off to get who he wanted. I must have been in the que for about 10 mintues when a guy in a red shirt was going down the line as he got to me he looked at me and said do you have a vq ticket for peter weller I said no I do have a gold pass though guy in the red shirt said i'm sorry sir mr weller is a DIAMOND PASS GUEST and you'll have to leave the que. that's when I said um no he isn't but the guy in the red shirt said no he is i'm afraid you'll have to leave the que by this time I was so angry I said that I had been told to come back by the girl in the blue shirt (i'd been going back and forth looking to see if I could join either sam neills que tony robinson que or peter wellers que from 9.30am till 2pm) but was told to leave so I did I decided to call my brother told him what had happened he told me to stay there and he was coming to find me (by this time I had walked off so as I walked back) as I got to the que my brother turned up and was just about to have a go at the guy in the red shirt. when the red shirt spotted me he called me over and said sorry sir MY information was wrong so he then slotted me back in the que were I was before I walked off while I was waiting in the que the guy that was behindme said that he had shown the guy in the red shirt that peter weller was not a diamond pass. and while I was waiting the guy in the red shirt kept apologizing to me everytime he passed
  4. after the great weekend at comic con and 2 days off work after to recover its back to work for me today and I really feel down lol
  5. I met him on sunday told him I watched him as a kid on a wrestling show called world of sport to which he replied I must be the last of that dying breed. my reply was just a smile and as he finished signing my two photos I wished him luck in his future career to which he replied thank you that's so kind and enjoy the rest of the con. a true gent
  6. Friday mads mikkelsen dean cain david Morrissey sarah douglas Saturday zoe Wanamaker martin Gordon lisa marie varon christian will weaton sunday mark Williams Richard cunningham William regal david Morrissey
  7. my favourite guests over the weekend sarah douglas saying hello and me telling her how she creeped me out as a kid in superman II and conan the destroyer her reply glad I did david Morrissey also had a small chat saying hello and asking me my name and saying enjoy the rest of the con lisa marie varon asking me my name and then having a selfie photo with her behind her desk William regal another one I had a chat to telling him how I watched him as a kid on the old wrestling tv show a world of sport and him replying I must be the last one of that dying breed. and mark Williams told him how I liked him in doctor who and father brown and his reply i'm glad you do valene kane she asked me my name and thanked me for coming to the show and enjoy the rest of the con and mads milkkelson said hello as I gave him a photo of him in rogue one to sign and saying thank you and enjoy the rest of your day and my diamond pass meet will weaton got his autograph on Saturday while waiting in the queue I heard someone say it was his birthday so as I went up to him and got him to sign a photo of him as Wesley crusher in star trek the next generation he said hi and I said hi and I wished him a happy birthday to which he smiled and said thank you
  8. i was in the general entry queue this morning. we were let into the holding area and bags were searched and we then queued up ready to go in the disabled and their careers were let in at 8.55am the when their queue was gone ge was let in 5mintues later (i know this as i looked at my watch) i walked up to the autograph hall with people running in front of me and hearing show staff and some Olympia staff saying not to run (this was ignored by some) i made my way to the Terence stamp queue to get a vq ticket for a friend only to be met by pushing and shoving by people getting a vq ticket at one point i said to people either side of me erm excuse me please and erm hang on a minute as i was squashed buy all the pushing and shoving. i did hear a guy in another queue get a vq ticket for Christopher Lloyd shouting please stop jumping the queue and line up behind me (but again no one was listening i really think this needs to be sorted out for the next show
  9. felicity jones would be great peter capaldi or david tennanet from doctor who would be awesome mark Hamill would also be awesome anyone from star trek would be great too
  10. could it be chris Hemsworth,chris evans or scarlett johhannsen from avengers or chris pine or Zachary quinto from star trek or could it be felicity jones from rogue one a star wars story? it might be someone I haven't mentioned but anyone of these actors would be great. but got a funny feeling it wont be anyone that I have mentioned
  11. can't believe it i'm in shock too met him 2 years ago at lfcc asked him about his character in agents of shield and if he would return. bills reply was in that world you never know. r.i.p bill Paxton
  12. chris pine from the new star trek movies hugh jackman sean connery (never gonna happen but I can wish) Harrison ford (another never gonna happen) the rock brad pitt and Angelina jolie (never gonna happen though ) and would love to meet johnny depp
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