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  1. Great guest, now we need her Doctor
  2. yes please i keep missing Al Lampert
  3. Guest suggestions

    I would like a wide mixture of old and new, over a wide range of films & TV. with some comic guests thrown in
  4. Showmasters Main Screen

    Was wondering if everyone goes straight to the forums instead of the main screen, when they type in showmastersonline.com?
  5. 2018 Anniversaries

    Return of the Jedi will be 35, so expect plenty of EWOKS
  6. 2018 Anniversaries

    The Pilot for The Six Million Dollar Man Aired 07 March 1973. which make it, it's 45th anniversary next year.
  7. lovely guest, met her at LFCC
  8. i see no guests from the world of comics planned this year with a week to go here's hoping
  9. Queen_Sindel sorry about the shout, but it was the 1 question mainly asked in the que,
  10. Or put a limit on the amount you can get signed, say 5. People (Dealers) with 10-20 + were the problem with multiple guests this year
  11. No the problem was that standard tickets got the luggage checked before they queued to enter, waited inside a hall. While Gold tickets queued Outside (on saturday it started to rain and we were not allowed under the little shelter there was) approx 7 mins before we were meant to enter we had our luggage checked. QUESTION WHY IS THAT GOLD PASSES HAVE TO QUE OUTSIDE?????
  12. Well it looks like i was right, Gold passes had the same problems this year on entry as we did last year.
  13. If that is the case, SHOWMATERS have ignore all the complaints from last years event
  14. As long as it isn't like last year, where Gold pass holders were made to wait outside, then had our bags check as we entered, and let in at the same time, while having to cross the hall. while the others got their bags checked before they started queuing, let in right under the stairs to get their VT