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  1. Well It seems like that didn't last long
  2. Guest Suggestions

    CHUCK NORRIS. PLEASE get him over for a LFCC.
  3. I understand, it was just an enquiry, A question that is usually asked after an event has finished
  4. Wj i am sure the organiser know if they want to return to Bournemouth for another show. The BIC being a popular place to stage events. Dates might not have been confirmed, in time to advertise at this event
  5. Are there plans for FCC Bournemouth to return in the summer or in 2019
  6. I accept guests can cancel at anytime, been doing conventions a very long time, to know this happens. What makes me sad is that after a big 1st convention approx 3 years later, it seems that Bournemouth Comic Con is on its last legs, and i fear this could be the last one
  7. For the fear of getting BANNED i'm going to keep my thoughts about this event to myself
  8. Guest suggestions

    why do i get the feeling this could be Bournemouth's last Comic Con.
  9. Guest suggestions

    It would be nice if some of the Cardiff guests were able to make this event.
  10. I notice that the is NO pre Order for the Bournemouth event
  11. Harrison Ford top of everyone's list Christopher eccleston David Jason
  12. Great guest, now we need her Doctor
  13. yes please i keep missing Al Lampert
  14. Guest suggestions

    I would like a wide mixture of old and new, over a wide range of films & TV. with some comic guests thrown in
  15. Showmasters Main Screen

    Was wondering if everyone goes straight to the forums instead of the main screen, when they type in showmastersonline.com?