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  1. People who come to mind so far: Terry Thomas " I Say" the original Dick Dastardly Imogen Hassal Lastly most of the Carry on team who are not here
  2. This thread is about what "you" would do differently, not what should be changed with the event, there's plenty of threads for that. Your right, wrong thread. London cons I don't usually attend, its MK all the way for me, Always get my revenge in early for the London shows, tickets and come fully prepared
  3. I would say make it an entrance ticket only event, you got a ticket your in No ticket , no entry simples
  4. All sorted promptly Great service from the pre-orders dept. SiFi
  5. Have received Terry Farrels pre-signed photo today many thanks However, It was paid for with instructions for a dedication, None is on the photo! Instructions on how we go forward? Sifi
  6. Hi there I had a pre-signed order for Ms. Muldaur at the show, but she cancelled as well all know I have emailed the pre-order company, instead of a refund, can this be carried to the LFCC NOV show Nothing is changing, only a different date Can you guys answer me if that is ok Also, how long would Terry Farrels pre-signed auto take to be dispatched, again, the pre-order company have not responded to all my emails. SiFi
  7. The Delaney sisters in full Capt. Proton outfits!
  8. I would gladly volunteer for a role with a radio head set for in return a free selection of photoshoots and a trip to the Green room! As a seasoned Convention attendee (not just Showmasters as I was attending stuff back in the late 80's early 90's long before anyone heard of them) I wouldn't mind being on the other side of the fence for a change to get a perspective of what it might be like Oh and before anyone asks I have two teenage daughters so therefore you cannot scare or intimidate me SiFi
  9. I can believe the majority of their events are great. This one is an exception perhaps for all I know, but I and others still feel it needs addressing. It is good to know the majority are good though! Hi I have always came on preview/Friday;s and avoid Saturdays like the plague. MK has always been the choice for me, last CM I was in and out inside half n hour Three Autos purchased together with selfies I speak as I found on the 70/30 ratio SiFi
  10. Afternoon, A lot of emphasis on reading (not all) the comments on this thread (that would take me all evening) are strongly directed at the H+S of the event I, as stated Saturday, did not attend and have no idea what the place was like Does anyone have any photos of the said locked fire exists or photos taken of the crowds inside A picture says a thousand words. I would assume SM would have a H+S policy together with a PLI policy in case of any incident that would involve injury to guests fans and staff either that a disclaimer would have to be clearly marked So far my encounters with SM's events have been a 70/30 good and not so good result SiFi
  11. Wow, must be honest thats horrendous! I would have walked away first glance at that line if I just turned up for luck! Si
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