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  1. It's frustrating because i've been to so many events that had none of these problems. Comicon in Birmingham, bigger than this, never waited longer than 20 mins to get in from arrival. At one point there was only one set of three people giving people wristbands (which they ran out of).
  2. It was awfully awfully organised. Got there, and asked three people where to go before getting the correct answer, apparently everything was at hall 4, glad i trusted the con goers and not the staff. 9am saturday.... three people total dealing with entrance. That was it. Waited about 40 mins in the line, then another 20 to get a wristband because they'd 'run out'....... and a guy came back with an emergency handful while they went and 'found' the rest. Then spent more time queuing to get in..... Wristbands shouldn't be anywhere but where they are going to be putting them on people. Si
  3. Be prepared to wait. They have 3 people checking everyone in. Actually worried that I will miss my 12 o clock photo shoot.....
  4. I've just finished the flowers on my dabo girl dress for the sunday. Saturday is a Trelane costume that I already had done from last time hehe.
  5. They only display the times up to midnight. The next days trains are on the next part of the schedule. There's one at 00:21 and 01:29.
  6. I'd say so. I think it has to be a 'costume' and not just a badge or hat etc.
  7. What are the criteria for the world record? I'm taking my Trelane / Squire of Gothos costume again. (love that char.) Is it just star trek uniforms, or other people from Star Trek allowed?
  8. Ohhh that will be amazing It's my b-day time about a week later, so I always get pics as presents hehe. Hope you guys have a good time, cons are so much fun.
  9. Anything near new street is a good option, direct rail link. Still rooms at the Holiday Inn nearby, just a few. Always worth keeping your eye out on the last minute sites. About 180 for the fri-sunday.
  10. Don't let that stop you. he trains run until 1am, fairly frequently. The hotel is very close tot he NEC, about a 5 min walk out of the halls. The lady i emailed gave me directions and was very helpful.
  11. Does anyone know if we will be able to use the courtesy bus for the metropole for the sat night party? Walking aroud the NEC area can be a nightmare as there are so many dead ends and one way parts.
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