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  1. Got to say a massive thank you to Nick G and the other crew at the Val Killer Auto queue. You were all brilliant under very difficult circumstances. You all made my con weekend. And a massive amount of respect to Val, for insisting on coming back down to do some signing when not feeling great. A true gent, such a honour to meet him.
  2. Awesome announcement! Such a good price too, handy as we will be wanting a Firefly pic, Stargate Atlantis pic and Firefly (Conman perk) photo book signed and a couple of photos! So happy. Just need Morena Baccarin, Adam Baldwin & Gina Torres now, pretty please! (And Nathan & Summer again as we haven't got the book signed by them yet!) Firefly reunion?
  3. One of the best and nicest Cosplayers out there. I have a few of her books, excellent stuff. The first cosplayer I'm genuinely excited to meet.
  4. Unfortunately, I was disappointed when I met her at LFCC, she was more interested in her phone than talking to me. But, everyone has bad moments, might have been an important text (don't think she was playing candy crush, lol), and everyone says shes lovely, so now I get to meet her again and hopefully get a better experience. :) And she was awesome in the rumble.
  5. I'm going for Tom Hardy, he's not a small lad, Venom is out this year and he has a significant body of work behind him. (I even loved the tv mini series Flood) Charlize Theron with him for a Mad Max combo would be awesome. RDJ would make me very poor very quickly! (Don't think I'll have time to make my MK42 in time, which would be a shame). P.s. I personally love SM, yes the prices might have gone up (my first was collectormania in 2005) but they are still reasonable compared to others out there. And I appreciate the work all the staff do, especially the volunteers. Keep up the good work.
  6. Only if they continue to do poor quality photoshoots.
  7. I sent a message to Showmasters just asking if the digital copies could be given out FoC due to the poor quality of the expensive photoshoot. I'm yet to hear back but will let people know when I do. I'm hoping the digital version might be easier to adjust, but not holding out to much hope. Only so much you can polish a ........
  8. We stayed at the K-West Hotel and Spa, excellent rooms and great facilities but not that cheap (about £120 a night). 10 minute walk. Next year we're staying at the Ibis Shepherds Bush which is just around the corner from the K-West and a lot cheaper (about £60 a night I think we got it for) With any hotels don't just go with what booking.com offers, a lot of them have better rates if you sign up to their 'clubs' through their own websites. With the K-West you get free room upgrades (if they can, we booked a junior double and superior double and they were both upgraded to Executive Rooms!), 10% off bar/food and a better rate. And as a hotel guest you get cheaper rates on the spa, if you want a sauna/snow room to revitalize yourself after the con!. With Ibis (Accor group, so also works for Novatel hotels) you get a better rate and points towards freebies (works all over Europe too). The hotels near shepherds bush has the advantage of a lot of bars/food places nearby, I'd definitely recommend the Brewdog pub and Killer Tomato (if you like Mexican).
  9. Ok, couldn't make any improvements due to the quality, hoping when the digital copies come out it might be easier, so I've gone the other way and made it look worse.
  10. Which thread, I can't find anything on it. Highly disturbing. She's still tweeting as of 51 minutes ago that she needs help....
  11. I was waiting in the queue long enough before the guys arrived for them to set up and test easily....
  12. I had a great experience with all of them, got selfies with David, Mark and Tommy, Kristen was lovely. Had a very fun bike shoot with them all (posted on another thread). While queuing for Tommy and then later queuing for Mark (on Friday) I watched them both messing about in each others selfies, and generally having a laugh with everyone. Then David came around and gave them both abuse telling the queues they were impostors and the real guys were over the other side. Then David started launching stickers over the wall from his area. Sorry you didn't have as great an experience as I did.
  13. Now don't get me wrong, I love this pic, it's epic. But for the price that we paid I would have expected the photo to be up to the same standard as other shoots. This is just poor. Bad background, terrible lighting, poor framing, blurry, not to mention a pretty naff bike that is nothing like any on SoA. No offence to the person who took the pic, but do they use professional photographers for all the shoots? Looks like I have a few hours work in Photoshop to try and fix it.
  14. Love the SoA guys. I told them 'no offence guys, but I'd like the lady on my arm.' (Partly due to this thread). Kristen was happy, Mark told everyone I was grabbing his ass, and, Tommy, well you can see his response!
  15. Shame, really wanted to meet Bester. If showmasters happen to have any other Babylon 5 guests up their sleeves to replace him that would be awesome. (I know, unlikely).
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