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  1. Haven't had my photo with him yet, but got my Scooby Doo dvd signed when I got in this morning. Incredibly sweet guy who appreciated my Shaggy top and seemed genuinely thrilled with my comments on how he was the perfect choice for Shaggy after Casey Kasem. And just as I was about to leave, he told me to give him the corner of my top which he then signed as well. Really nice guy.
  2. The first one is brilliant. Not overly scary but a great film. The 2nd and 3rd are pretty meh but Sam is excellent in The Final Conflict
  3. Would love to see some Call the Midwife stars *cough Stephen McGann cough*
  4. The weirdest thing is me and my sister watched The Exorcist on Saturday and we said if she ever did a Con we were at, we'd need photos. Lo and behold...
  5. What flavour? Tangy Cheese. Big pack 👍
  6. Not reallly funny but at LFCC, when my mam and sister went to the information desk, I took a quick break and sat on the floor and opened a bag of Doritos. Halfway through the bag, Jeremy Renner strolls past. I look up at him with wide eyes as he looks down and smiles. He said hi and I just managed to swallow a mouthful of doritos in time to smile and say hi back.
  7. With all due respect, sometimes it's not feasible for people to attend a con for a whole weekend and so everything does have to be done in one day. For the most part, I'm a weekend attender and I did all three days of DSTE but a couple of years back I attended LFCC for the Saturday only and it was a very hectic day for me. I had about 16 autographs and 9 photoshoots all to do before the 6 o'clock train back up to Newcastle. But I don't have loads of money and I don't think I was being greedy. I wanted to meet as many of my idols who were there as I possibly could cause it's impossible to know when or if Showmasters will get them back. My family is not a rich family. We're very working class and from, what I read (and may still be), the statistically poorest region in the UK. It's always an honour to be able to do cons. I don't go out drinking at night (I'm just not a drinker) and I don't smoke like a lot of my friends so I was able to save my money for a long time to do the Saturday at LFCC. Uni was stressing me out and I wanted to meet a few celebs to wind down. I could only do the one day though as my funds would only cover the trains and the con and would not stretch to a hotel. I understand what you mean by wanting people to relax and enjoy it but sometimes, just sometimes, I MUST DO EVERYTHING IN ONE DAY (as you put it) is the only option for some people. And calling people greedy for wanting 10+ autographs/photos in one day or assuming that they're made of money for being able to do that or even suggesting that Showmasters shouldn't allow it is assumptive (again, I'm a far from rich), rude (calling anyone greedy is) and unkind (suggesting someone shouldn't be allowed to meet as many people as they want when they have the money to is unfair in the extreme). I'm not calling you these things personally, I only mean to say that your particular comments in this case can be interpreted as such. And one guest cons are not going to be a popular idea in any universe.
  8. Also got photos with the captain on the bridge, Wil Wheaton (who tole me my cosplay was fantastic xD), George Takei, and a cheeky selfie with Adam Nimoy Also got one with Colonel Worden but I haven't got it up yet
  9. Pretty proud of my cosplay this weekend :)
  10. Hey! Sorry if I missed this information elsewhere but I was wondering if I needed a ticket for this talk. On the timetable, it's not been starred as a ticketed talk suggesting that it's free but there are tickets on the Eventbrite shop for £11. Is the timetable simply missing the asterisk?
  11. I'll make a deal; my soul for Mark Ruffalo
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