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  1. I’ve only ever been to two LFCC’s: 2016 and 2019. It was great and thoroughly enjoyable on both periods, but what do I do to enhance my experience? One day isn’t enough. What do youse recommend? Should I do all 3 days? Through no fault of anyone’s, I came all the way to London from Bristol and then I queued, watched a Cobra Kai panel, met William Zabka, then got his autograph, met Xolo Mariduena etc. With all that considered plus getting food, it didn’t give me a lot of time to see the stalls which is something I would have liked to done (my wallet not so much), and I didn’t get to appreciate the event in its full capacity. 2020 is looking certain for me, but any tips? What day is quietest? Best tickets to get etc? Thanks in advance
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