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  1. This is one of the test shots from Friday. Ignore my face - we had done like ten tests that day.
  2. Sorry, I don’t know who told you that. I’ve just double checked with the organiser’s and Mr. Eccleston is still scheduled to attend. Thank you!
  3. No because it is still what you paid for. They have a right to work in an environment where they feel safe. If they’ve requested a plexiglass divider, there is a reason for it: this could be to help protect a sick family member, contractual obligations (remember if an actor gets sick during filming, the entire set loses a job until they are better) or a multitude of other reasons. If you don’t want a picture with the plexiglass, that’s fine - forfeit the ticket. The service is being provided, you’re choosing not to avail of it.
  4. He was great in the more recent Andrew Jones film, Haunting of Margam Castle!
  5. I just recently realised Dominic Monaghan is in the Love the Way You Lie music video for Eminem & Rihanna!
  6. Hi! I’ve sent you a message, so I can chase up the vouchers for you. Thanks.
  7. You can email the shop to explain your situation. Refunds can't be authorised by Moderators. Email Thanks.
  8. So I’m in love with Freddie Highmore and have been since I was like 8.
  9. Hi! 1) Not naturally, no. It would require a transferred ticket. Photoshoot tickets are day specific. 2) Yes, you’re correct - for the same day as originally purchased. 3) If tickets are available on the EB website, try emailing the office to see if you can transfer. The email is shop@showmastersevents.com - please understand they’re receiving a large amount of emails and it may take longer than normal to get a response. Please be patient.
  10. Please email shop@showmastersevents.com and they'll be able to advise re: refund requests. They're currently receiving a large volume of emails, so responses are taking longer than usual. Thanks.
  11. I second all of the above. Sarah has just recently started doing conventions, as she also does a bakery business and is a full-time parent, so it’d be cool if she’d come over, for sure! He was so awesome! A very underrated actor and a very under-appreciated human. I second SMG, but also *never* underestimate the office team’s ability to get the starring actors of any major franchise. I love your username! Amy is a sweetheart and a LEGEND. But I agree with Travolta.
  12. Until schedules are released, this question would be impossible to answer. Schedules are released in the week leading up to the event.
  13. These may just be issued closer to the time. @HeartDTthe shop is super busy right now, but if you don’t get a response by the end of next week, let me know and I’ll check with the team.
  14. You have to remember: Showmasters are responsible for a lot of events, not just LFCC. The people who work in the office are also the people who are building and planning the National Film & Sci-Fi Museum, as well as the Pixel Bunker and the Kurtz-Joiner Archive. On top of this, they have to liaise with agents, guests, venues, management, sponsors, stakeholders, volunteers and fans. They cannot remove guests from the website without cancelling the guest, as this may cause issues with agents/sponsors etc. due to contracts. Just my point of view - being around and working with Showmasters staff, being in the business myself and working with major stakeholders in other business ventures. They are the hardest working and most dedicated people you could imagine, trust me.
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