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Question about Showmasters Project signings


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Hey, been a while since I was on this forum, but not sure if this is where I could ask about it.

So basically I bought (aka signed up) for the Doctor Who projects on the Showmasters Comic Con Official Autograph Shop, and I was wondering when will I be able to purchase the autographs? I noticed on the facebook page that I asked, Imperial Signings (who runs the page on facebook), commented and said that once the guests had signed the project print, the option to "pay as you go" or "buy once every signature has been gotten on the projects" would be there, however, it is not, I also was told that I would be (alongside others who signed up for the project) emailed with a picture of the autographs on the print/s, yet I never got one and had to rely on going to the page where they showed it.

Is this project going to take until next year? Since I know fifty signatures is going to be next to impossible to get within one year on the Doctor Who project/s, just I don't want to build any hopes up and then find that I missed the chance to purchase the signatures. 

Thank you.


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