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  1. Cosplay

    Still stuck neck deep in parts and pieces for my Transformers cosplay that I am working every day and every night into the morning to finish him! If anyone has little kids or knows likes Transformers or anyone who even catches me heh, be sure to say hi!
  2. Movie Title Game

  3. Author/Comic Suggestions.

    I would love to see Christopher Paolini and Tolken as my top authors. Heck! I would even add James Roberts current author of my favourite MTMTE comic series to the list!.....
  4. Cloakroom

    I know at Earl's Court it was always in the vicinity of £1/£1.50 per bag. I imagine it will be the same at Olympia. Ah! Many thanks for passing that info over. Very helpful :)
  5. Cloakroom

    Just to add to this, does anybody happen know if there is a charge for belongings kept in a cloackroom?
  6. Cosplay

    I have had more parts arrive for my Autobot costume....so far it looks like a big job lol!
  7. Up in 5s

  8. new activities for cosplay fans in 2015 :-)

    Oooh......this sounds good!
  9. Early bird tickets?

    As far as I know I do not think SM will be issuing Early Birds to LFCC 2015 this time around, and instead all tickets are standard entry (pre bought only).
  10. I really wouldn't worry about standing out, I risked it myself this year for the first time, and I actually felt very comfortable doing it. If people look let them , some will admire it and some wont, but in the end if you feel it may tie you down a little you can always change on arrival. I wouldn't feel too intimidated by going in cosplay :)
  11. Me too! Depending on what I'm cosplaying, this year in July, me and my mate both went in costume, and we did receive some very baffling looks, however by the time we arrived at Clapham Junction, we began to mingle in the crowds. I just see it as a unique way to get attention without being a numpty about it!
  12. Cosplay

    Well, I thought I would mention my cosplay here if anyone is interested :) I'm going to cosplay as a Transformers next year for both Sat and Sun. It would be great to meet up with others who may be doing the same thing, I don't bite! But another TF cosplayer among the very small ( I have noticed who do cosplay as one) group or singles would be so nice to meet up with. Anyway, so I'm gonna be Wheeljack, from the animated Prime tv series :)
  13. Movie Title Game

    Open Season
  14. Definitely going again, as hopefully the space will make up for the over crowding in Earls Court. Olympia hasn't failed in the past so hopefully this will run more efficiently next year! Very excited now!

    Hello everybody! Im Susannah and I currently reside in the outskirts of London. Dulwich in fact... I'm a newbie here on this forum, but I am very well aware of the growing fandom of Comic cons and cosplays alike :) I am 21 nearing 22 heh, and at the time of writing this post am currently in my last year of university. I love cartoons, comics and cosplaying the latter which I only just started to do, but I have always wanted to do, just sadly never had the guts....till now! I will admit here and now, that I am a massive Transformers fan always have been, G1, Prime, Bay Verse, WOC, MTMTE..... you name it! Im cosplaying as one in 2015. Id love to get to know and meet more friends who share the same interests in person and online as I am very friendly and am all too eager to extend my friendship out to anyone possible! You are more than welcome to follow me on facebook here and find out what cosplays I have in store to see: https://www.facebook.com/Susannah.Phillips777 Many thanks!