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  1. Don't know if you've found them by now, I got some boots through Amazon last year. They came from the UK so you could return them if they wouldn't fit, mine were only 15 pounds or something, really cheap actually. I'm not sure but think the seller was ShoeGeeks or something like that :) EDIT: I'm not too sure which days I'm going nor what I'll be cosplaying yet. Maybe something GOT, thinking of Sansa's Bolton/Stark wedding dress to get a photo with Iwan Rheon, but have to see what else I'll make before LFCC.
  2. No you are not! Credit stays with me, although it's probably the wrong name anyway XD
  3. Just ordered Leia & R2D2 SDCC one. I think there are about 65 from my other half hiding in the shed, I have 12 or so myself which are kept in storageboxes, but there are many more on the wishlist. So once I have space I will probably buy more and can finally properly display them. I do keep them in the boxes though. Got one signed, my agent carter one by Hayley Atwell.
  4. Sophie Turner Katheryn Winnick Clive Standen Kit Harrington Any of the Marvel Chrisses (Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and/or Chris Pratt) Sebastian Stan Cosplayguests: Yaya Han Kinpatsu Cosplay Kamuii Cosplay
  5. Hello, I'm Lisa, twentysomething and Dutch. I've met a fair few people from the forum at the LFCC Geek-off, but I finally decided to stop lurking and actually join the forum so I can join the convo here *woohoo*. From September on I'll be living in the Netherlands, but will still visit a fair few events in the UK over the year. I cosplay various characters from various fandoms such as Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Disney and Marvel & DC. - Lisa
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