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  1. Siva

    Kenny Baker RIP

    R.I.P you will be missed
  2. Me, my sister and our friend were sitting on the floor outside the toilets by photo A on the friday where we saw Gail Kim, Jeremy Bulloch and Mads Mikkelsen (as he walked towards us he ran his hand through his hair and omg he's perfection) walk right pass us to use the toilets. On the sunday we were in the girls toilets and Gail Kim walked right by us and smiled at us. We saw Judge and Dolph everywhere. After the Mads talk we saw him walk back to his auto table and he turned around and smiled at us.
  3. Siva

    Photos Thread

    I got some more photos!!!
  4. Mads was lovely! I had my photoshoot with him on the Friday, I remember seeing him in the queue and my knees went weak When I went up for my photo he shook my hand and I accidently stepped on his foot!!! If he noticed he didn't say anything, I was shaking so much! He's so lovely and warm I also got my auto with him on the Friday and managed to get another picture at the auto table! On the Sunday I went to his talk and I was in the front row (Diamond pass) His talk was so goooood and he's so funny and omg I'm in love :wub: :wub:
  5. Siva

    Photos Thread

    I have only just got home from an amazing weekend and this is the only pic I currently have uploaded :wub: :wub:
  6. Siva

    Guest Suggestions

    this this thisSM pleaseeee Pull some last minute strings! I will give up my soul for them!! (which btw is still damaged from 2 years ago when they both cancelled)
  7. Siva

    Beating the heat!

    Bring LOTS of water! and stuff to make sure you stay smelling nice through out the day. I don't really sweat or anything but if you are a heavy sweater bring a extra t-shirt or something :)
  8. Got my photoshoot! You have no idea how worried I was that she sold out whilst I couldn't buy anything! I love the Waif so much and I'm really looking forward to meeting Faye!
  9. She's still sold out Oh why did the bank have to swallow my card when she was announced. *Crosses fingers for more tickets*
  10. Yes! This is amazing! I almost just finished watching season two of GoT again so this is perfect! He's so lovely in GoT.
  11. I will scream if it's Adam Driver!
  12. Siva

    LFCC 2016 Floorplans

    Thisis good but I loved it last year when most of GoT guests were on the top floor. It was nice and cool with carpets perfect to sit down on
  13. Siva

    Guest Suggestions

    I would love this! I'm still upset about him cancelling 2 years ago
  14. SM last year gave out a warning when tickets were close to selling out. We have not had a warning so far so I think your friend will be fine :)
  15. I want a photo so bad but the card machine at work swallowed my card the other day but the bank said that I only have to wait a couple of days. *Minor GoT spoilers* I love it when she is hunting down Arya! She's full on Terminator!