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  1. Just read this on the gold pass info from the shop: ''we will implement a Gold only VQ system'' about the autograph priority Does that mean that we gold passes still need to get a VQ ticket for a certain guest? Fully awere about the system for the DP guest so don't worry! Just saw the text above: ''In the event of large queues, we will implement a Gold only VQ system'' So nevermind guys keep on going!
  2. Can't believe its soon getting started! Gonna be one hell of a good weekend guys!
  3. I love this announcement! Been waiting to meet David for years! Gonna be great to have a nice chat with him
  4. Detta blir galet trevligt! Några mer svenskar på forumet?
  5. Yes yes and yes!! One of my all time favorite and he will be there all weekend! Excellent,hope there will be some good options on pictures on his table
  6. Such a great booking SM! Been a fan of him since i saw Willow and Heat! Can't wait to meet him
  7. Friday: Tom Atkins(PS+A) James Caan (PS+A) Grace Park (PS+A) Costas Mandylor (PS+A) Lance Guest (PS+A) Saturday: Megan Fox (DP) Tony Robinson (DP) Tim McInnerny (PS+A) Catherine Mary Stewart (PS+A) Cerina Vincent (PS+A) Sunday: Peter Weller (PS+A) Tom Welling (PS+A) John Alexander (PS+A) Nick Castle (PS+A) Matthew Modine (PS+A)
  8. Just fantastic! This is such a quality guest! Love these classic cult ones! Thanks SM!
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