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  1. Kristian has been at LFCC for some years now, and he is the NICEST person every single time. Total gent and a delight.
  2. If you're talking about Friday, then the crew member on Jason's queue was me. In that case, thank you so much for your very kind words.
  3. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I had an absolute ball with everyone in Jason's queue and thank you, too, for your patience and humour throughout. If you enjoy yourselves, then so do we as crew members. xxx
  4. The reason for this isn't a "perk", and I'm so sorry if it seems that way. And I promise crew members do pay for their photoshoots - the same price as all attendees. However, crew members are only allowed a VERY limited amount of time to get their (limited permitted) photoshoots and then instantly have to be back at their designated duty posts, which is helping attendees and trying to keep everything smooth and shiny I hope that clears it up for you.
  5. I saw you there! I was crewing on the Sales Desk on the Sunday when you were talking to my pit boss, but you didn't hear me when I called you! Glad you enjoyed it.
  6. I'm down for crewing at this year's Glasgow Con and I'm madly excited about it. However, I haven't had any details yet with regards to hotels. Sorry to put it here but I guessed it would be seen here before elsewhere, given that it's the run up week. (I also haven't heard about Bournemouth hotel arrangements so if somebody could kill two birds with one stone...) Thanks so much for any help.
  7. How soon before an event do we get the hotel list? I only ask because I'll be crewing at Glasgow and Bournemouth this month and I haven't heard anything yet. Just so I can sort out travel/railway station to hotel.
  8. KIEFER!!! Winona Johnny Depp (shush, I know!) Ben Browder's overdue a return visit, in fact... ALL OF FARSCAPE! KIEFER!!! Annie Wersching Jensen Ackles Jared Padalecki KIEFER!!! ALL OF 24! but especially KIEFER!!!
  9. The guys I queued with in the Gold Pass queue on Friday! I said one of them was a Tom Hardy lookalike (and I stand by that ) from the middle of Wales. Thanks for keeping me company - I enjoyed the giggle and I'm sorry I didn't see more of you all over the weekend. But I'm crewing at Glasgow, Bournemouth and, now, Cardiff too. So if you're at any of them come and find me and say hello! Alison from Liverpool (Fat Scouser )
  10. We were there too! Up in the attic at the top of the stairs. Terrible journey after a whole day of madness, but the air conditioning in the room was PARADISE! Actually made the climb worthwhile
  11. No, I think that honour belongs to me and my friend. In mitigation, though, there were only two of us and we were busy propping up the bar.
  12. I will be attending with my sis and her boyfriend (he's a teacher so won't be able to get Friday off!) I think big guests will always do the Saturday anyway and I doubt many guests will just do Friday only. It's probably just as well I will only be attending 2 days as I don't think I have the physical stamina to cope with more than that! If you check the date for next year's LFCC, you'll find that it's later in the month! So, hopefully, Friday will be "doable" for you after all.
  13. I'll be crewing for the first time at this event. I'm torn between excitement and stark terror. Ahahahahah.
  14. Excellent selection! Also, it was good bumping into you again FINALLY on Sunday - even if it was only brief since you were kicked out of the Gold Pass room for the BTTF talk. Are you going to any more this year? I'm crewing at two of the upcoming ones and I've applied for others. Alison
  15. Gold passes shouldn't be able to join autograph queues at the front. It's made perfectly clear to us when we pay for our passes that we can join any queue without a VQ ticket, but we HAVE to join the BACK. Any crew member letting Golds in to the front of an autograph queue has got it wrong. I wouldn't dream of it! Photo queue yes - that's one of the main reasons, along with having somewhere to sit due to my mobility issues, that I buy a Gold pass in the first place - but not autograph queues. Can't comment on Diamonds though, since there are only three people for whom I'd scrimp and save and sell my children to buy one (Johnny Depp, KIEFER!!! and Winona Ryder) - so I don't know if they were officially allowed to queue jump. Oh... and I DO scrimp and save. This weekend each year is my summer holiday and that's the only way I can afford a Gold. Megaphones are a GREAT idea! Even the magnificent Luke, whose stentorian tones rang out over photoshoot A, lost his voice on the Sunday and had to concede semi defeat.
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