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  1. Not a good start for them is it first spring con and two huge guest cancel
  2. I want to know why they have so many extras for
  3. So i booked tickets to meet emily and charles and nick and now emily and charles has cancelled i hope they find replacements
  4. I do not believe this under a week before he cancels Try and get him for summer
  5. Keiren714

    Guest Suggestions

    Sophia Myles ( Thunderbirds Underworld Doctor who Transformers ) David Graham ( Parker / Dalek Voice Actor )
  6. Keiren714

    Guest Suggestions

    The Tracy Brothers from thunderbirds Shane Rimmer( Scott) Jeremy Wilkin ( Virgil ) Matt Zimmerman ( Alan ) David Graham ( Gordon )
  7. Can not wait to meet him
  8. Keiren714

    Latest Guest Announcement - MARK RYAN

    Try and get him for summer comic con
  9. Yes finally I think showmasters are looking at my list
  10. Keiren714


    Does it go live tomorrow or ?
  11. Keiren714

    Guest Suggestions

    peter mayhew You have too get him