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  1. back from our visit to the convention - have had a great day wandering around the brilliant assortment of stalls ,unfortunately my daughter fell into the trap of buying before you look , finding the same product later for half the price , those going sunday be weary of that , highlight for her was finally getting to meet and have photo with james marsters ,she was actually shaking afterwards , definitely a good day for both of us , well done to the metropole for the way it as been arranged after the london one cancelled , i do understand that the staff have got a responsibility to the safety of stars and fans around the arena ,but a couple of them could have calmed down a bit , all in all if this convention is going to be here again i will be buying tickets
  2. to the hosts of the new venue and to those of you who have already paid out for train tickets to the london venue , who now have to purchase new tickets to brighton , is there any way to look at refunds for the travel change
  3. got photo on saturday 7th november , just listed as batch 1 , do we receive any notification to times neared the time
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