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  1. After the 2015 chaos (I didn't attend last year), all IS far better this year, so the Showmasters team deserve credit for their hard work in turning things around... However, I arrived for the Tom Wilson tombstone photoshoot that was included with my diamond pass at around 15:15 yesterday (on all staff schedules, and those shown around the venue, it was due to end at 15:30) only to be told that "he started early and finished early" and had now gone... Am I missing something here, or doesn't this defeat the purpose of a timetable? The worst thing was that nobody I spoke to seemed to be able to offer an explanation, or definite answer/solution and one of the SM crew was very short and rude with me (which is baffling, because I remained pretty damn chilled, despite the mixup)... I was passed from the photoshoot area to the information desk, then from the information desk to the sales desk, then the sales desk back up to the photoshoot area. The end result being that I should be able to use my diamond pass (marked Saturday) today. I seriously hope that's the case... But dayummm SM... Please address this!
  2. Diamond Pass ordered. I really can't wait! I've admired his work since BTTF and never thought I'd have the opportunity to meet him (or add his sig to my BTTF poster). Thanks Showmasters! :-)
  3. I don't normally do this, but as a project and event manager (and geek) myself, and having read many comments on your FB and site, I feel I have to weigh in... Showmasters truly do deserve recognition, and a huge thank you, for securing so many great names for this single event, and allowing thousands of fans to meet them, make new friends and share the LFCC experience. THANK YOU SM!! However, while I know it can't be easy to handle such a massive volume of people, some basic things should be addressed to ensure the best possible EXPERIENCE for everyone (fans, guests and SM themselves)... 1. Don't oversubscribe!! Review total ticket and pass allocations, to ensure that all receive the experience they paid for. I understand that numbers (and / or £££) are needed for the event to be commercially viable, but this must never be given priority. 2. Manage flows and queues better. While the queue management outside the venue was as good as can be expected, internally it was the complete opposite. Layout, flow, ticket-type / batch prioritisation and general management could be greatly improved, to avoid the chaos (both in the queues and surrounding areas) I witnessed in almost every one I had the horror of joining. 3. Address venue entrance security. Particularly later in the day(s), I'm 100% sure that all people weren't being screened as they entered the venue. Consequently, I'm certain that many who hadn't even bought a ticket were able to just walk in, and wouldn't have been factored into SM's calculations for venue capacity etc. This only compounded the issues. 4. Better briefing and communication. I was given contradictory / incorrect info. almost every time I had to ask the staff for ANY piece of information, and was once sent round in circles for half an hour. EVERYONE I spoke to had a similar experience. Fully briefing staff pre-event (and daily, to address any issues from the previous days), and improving internal communication between staff, and to the paying public (through better announcements, better maps, perhaps even a mobile event app) would prevent most of these issues... The following quote from a conversation between two SM staff sums this up really... "Ask him (pointing to a colleague)... That's my 'go-to' quote" (to anyone who asks a question). 5. Ensure the air conditioning is working correctly. I'm sure the temperature was at least bordering on a health and safely-violating level in a few areas of the venue. Assuming they have an event wash-up meeting (which I pray to god they do), I think this should include representatives from the paying public, to give unbiased feedback and improve the future experience. I'd be happy to volunteer as one of these... Just to clarify... All-in-all, I got everything I wanted from this event, and WILL come back... But DAMN, it was a hard slog!!!
  4. Quick question... Got my MJF Diamond Pass today :-), but not my entry or Delorian photoshoot tickets. Should I expect them? And, if so, why weren't they all mailed out in the same envelope, to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort?
  5. I'm planning the same thing with my Original 1985 Advance BTTF Poster, and have heard that it'll most likely reduce the value, certainly if it's personalised (which I don't plan on doing either)... But tbh, I'm doing it for me and am never going to sell it, so I'm still going to get it signed and display it with pride in my cinema room!! :-D
  6. Diamond Passesa are still physically mailed. You'll get them in plenty of time before the show, but there is no set date. There's definitely not been additional batch 1 tickets released. You must have been looking at a different listing. Hi QS, thanks for taking the time to clarify re: receiving the pass. It's set my mind at ease. However, there were definitely more Batch 1s listed for MJF after I'd purchased my Batch 2 Diamond Pass. I'm 100% sure of this, and this was mentioned by others too on this very thread. Regardless, I look forward receiving a reply to my query from Showmasters - and am SO EXCITED to be meeting a genuine childhood hero!! :-D
  7. Hi all, HELP... I bought my MJF Diamond Pass (Batch 2) on 19th April, but haven't received anything yet... When should I expect it? It's been a month already, so surely I should have received it by now... Also, after I bought my Batch 2 pass and noticing that more Batch 1s had been released for sale a few weeks after, I emailed Showmasters on 1st May to change mine to a Batch 1, but no response yet... Can anyone tell me the best way of reaching someone for an answer, please? Surely it can't be right that I've purchased first, and someone is able to come in after, buy a Batch 1 and effectively jump the queue?! Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks, C
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