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  1. Massive well done to show masters for a really nice easy day no stress getting in and no where felt as busy or crowded as last year Part from delay to see Jason David Frank (the lady running queue line desrves a medal for keeping us all happy) which wasn't as bad as it could have been whole day has been great Jeremy Renners talk was brilliant please get him back next year such a lovely guy
  2. It's sharni vinson from step up 3 and Maggie grace from lost 🙂
  3. I've put together some memories of previous comic con adventures Hope you like it http://holb83adventures.blogspot.com/2016/04/comic-con-throwback-memories.html
  4. Thank you so much I couldn't find the 2015 link when looking on my phone
  5. Hey all Hope everyone's had a good Xmas I've just had a look through the download files and wondered if I'm not looking in the right place for the 2015 ones as I'd really like to get hold of some more copies of my pictures Hope someone can help Holly
  6. I have pictures on my Instagram holly_b83 I managed to get to it late Sunday Afternoon
  7. I had same problem with Christopher Lloyd shoot was like military movement which don't get me wrong with that amount of people I get but the woman was like as soon as the flash goes you move n I said I'm not walking into someone's picture It was so rushed I was half looking at camera and said this was I was given my print n told I could go back along with a few others for reshoots For the amount of money everyone paid it could have been slightly more relaxed I honestly from my job understand keeping a queue moving but this was a once in a lifetime meeting for us
  8. I agree with that as well small signs didn't help
  9. It's just a suggestion to start with Facebook is also a thought and information can be communicated better
  10. Everyone on Jason David franks photo shoot on Sunday were great
  11. hey all Just wanted to post about my experience yesterday This years LFCC has been one of the best I've been to in years. There's a few things I feel should be worked on for next year which I will start on first I arrived at 820 to be placed in the holding area inside in the queue. I understand queueing systems I run them myself in a busy tourist attraction but what baffled me was no signage or staff. 9am hit and and I needed to be inside for Christopher Lloyds photo shoot at 930 - the queue didn't really move until 920 for us then to find we had to walk through a maze of barriers and security guards not really caring that we needed to be inside. Once inside the panic subsided we found the photo area and having the old store tickets worked in my favour for not having to wait long. My only gripe was the feeling of military movement once inside. Don't get me wrong I get it for keeping a queue moving but for meeting a movie icon it was too rushed. The picture wasn't even checked before I was moved but as I wasn't happy the staff said go straight back n have another which was nice but woman on queue was super strict - as soon as flash goes you move to my response of I'm not walking into some ones picture. After this was done we went exploring to see the upper floors before the mayhem of the afternoon set in. The upper floors were lovely and also super cool some how all the air had escaped up there. When we came back we went to find Jason David frank who we discovered was running late so I got my virtual queue ticket so it was time to look at the stalls. When we eventually came back he was there and the queue was moving. I decided to hang around as it was getting nearer to my number. It eventually stopped 4 away and the woman insisted to tell me I would be best to come back in an hour but I stayed. A guy arrived two numbers away n we stayed and after 20 minutes I spoke up and said we were so close in number she eventually allowed us to join the queue and changed the numbers. What can I say Jason was so lovely and kept apologising for keeping us waiting but I was so happy to finally meet him he has been an idol since my childhood it was completely worth the wait. After this we went in hunt of the queue for the bttf talk Luckily this was very early and we were about 30 back in the queue which was fine. I totally get why we had to queue outside but all the guards outside were lovely so it was fine. Once inside the talk area we had great seats and I feel happy we were a part of it. The print they gave out after is lovely and will be added to my collection. After some shopping my last stop was Jason David franks photo shoot. Although it was hot and I was super tired the queue line moved quick and when I got to the front I got a great hug and am so happy with the picture. Show masters you guys have pushed the boat out this year and it was much better at Olympia as I don't think this would have worked at Earl's Court. I still think live updates on Twitter of VQ ticket numbers would be great. So easy to turn notifications on and would save people standing round in the heat. Have had a great time this year and can't wait to see what neat year brings Holly
  12. ah brilliant thanks didnt make sense as I thought id done what it had said confusing system
  13. hey all not sure if this has already been covered but when will we know times for the Delorean photoshoot just trying to work out times for the day thank you
  14. hey all just booked my tickets - dont understand the validation charge as it doesnt tell you about that until you are through to the payment page Also i pressed the picture as stated and ticked the box as requested but havent been charged what do i do as im worried about the tickets now Will tickets be posted or are they all e tickets now Holly
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