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  1. The Alex Kingston cancellation meant I had some spare money, so decided to have an autograph from Matthew. I loved him in Scream and The descendants. After hearing him at his talk I was so impressed with the way he presented himself and he was so funny. I was equally impressed when I reached his signing table. I said I liked the graffiti on his poster behind him and said "I presume that was you?" He gave me a cheeky smile and then as I walked away he got up and drew a spot on the middle of his forehead! . So down to earth. Great guy
  2. A few photos from today. We only visited LFCC this year because of Zachary Levi. Feel free to say hey if you were any of the people we spoke to today. We met a couple of lovely people while waiting for Zacs photo shoot. I have quickly taken a photo of our photo shoot pictures so they colour is off but the actual photos look great.
  3. We weren't coming to LFCC this year............until now!!!!!! CHUUUUCCCCKKKKKK!!! #Iknowkung-fo
  4. I can't remember my login so I will use my wifes account for now. I had a photo with Natalie on the Saturday. She is so much more beautiful in real life! She was lovely to meet. At the photos she was looking at each person and saying hi and bye. I said hello to her and got a great photo with her. I did accidentally bashed in to her a bit as I walked up and stood next to her. I misjudged where I would be standing hope that didn't hurt her. I saw her on the Sunday as I was waiting for my wife to do a photo shoot. I was waiting by the side of photo A watching to see if there were any cosplayers I wanted to get a photo of. I saw out of the corner of my eye a security guy coming. It was Natalie and as she got level with me I said "Hi Natalie" Without breaking her step she turned and looked at me and said hello. She seemed like a really lovely person. I did not have the money for an autograph but I am sure she would have been great to meet.
  5. Didn't meet him myself but was in the autograph queue for Dean when he walked back to his desk and had bants with Dean! . Very funny moment. Seemed like a great guy.
  6. I said Hi to Missi as she walked past for her photo session on the Saturday. She said Hi back and gave me a lovely smile . My husband met her and he said she was fantastic. I loved her in Galaxy Quest and Dodge Ball
  7. Although it was brief, my experience with Benedict was fantastic. I didn't have much money to spend over the weekend, so opted for a photo only. I was batch 21 of the afternoon photo session on Saturday. I got there at around 16:30 and pretty much instantly joined the queue. Queued for about 45 minutes before strolling into the sectioned off area. Too see him standing there, I was like OMG it's Benedict! . Such an amazing actor and so diverse in every role he plays. It was a brief moment. I told him it was a privilege to meet him. He asked my name and said it was lovely to meet you too . I shook his hand as I walked away and thanked him. In those few moments he portrayed himself to be as charismatic as I always thought he was and a real gentleman. Massive
  8. I was looking forward to meeting Dean right from the get go. He was the highlight of my Saturday evenings in the 90's. I used to watch Lois and Clarke with my brother. He would drool over Teri Hatcher and I would drool over Dean . The show itself was very entertaining and light hearted and I loved it very much for what it was. Dean Cain is by far for me the nicest, funniest, sweetest and most charming guests I have ever met at a Con. When I asked if I could stand in front of him for a big bear hug pose for my photo and he just wrapped himself around me, it was an absolute dream come true. When we were standing waiting for my autograph you could clearly see from a far how much he loved chatting and getting to know his fans that little bit better. As we got a little bit closer, Michael Rosenbaum was returning to his signing table and proceeded to have a bit of light banter with Dean which was hilarious. Dean then looked up at us in the queue and said "Seriously, you think I'm trouble, he's 100% worse". A very funny moment to have been witness too . As I approached the front of the queue he greeted me by saying it was nice to see me again (I think proving he really does take an interest). I think then I can only describe the moments that followed to be both incredibly surreal and jaw dropping when we stated to have a bit of light banter (and dare I say flirting) of our own, especially when I said he was the highlight of my Saturday nights and he came back with "You could be the highlight of my Saturday nights"!!!!! O....M....G WOW . As I walked away from the table I felt that every single penny I had spent to meet him that weekend had been totally worth it and to be honest I would have happily paid more! He made the whole experience exactly how it should of been. Memorable! It reminded me of a couple of years ago (may of even been last year) when I joined my husband at the signing table with Terry Farrell and she took one look at my husband and said "You are so cute" Just to have a guest say "Hi, How are you" is an amazing feeling but to have a guest build up that kind of rapport with you is on another level completely. I for one can 100% say that in my opinion, Dean Cain can come back anytime he likes and Showermasters I just want to say a massive thank you for getting him there and please feel free to invite him back!! . I look forward to hearing everyone else's experience with him.
  9. All packed and ready to go!! Just one day of work to get through tomorrow then we will be on our way!! Shame we couldn't do Friday this year but very much looking forward to Saturday and Sunday No Cosplay this year either but I still plan to spruce myself up for my photo's with Benedict and Dean on Saturday
  10. Ohhhhhh yeeeaaahhhh!!!! What a legend! Loved The new adventures of Superman. Used to watch it religiously with my bruv! . Looks like a super friendly dude as well and lets face it, he's a hottie Photo sesh booked. Batch 1 as well!! BOOM!!
  11. Thanks for the info I have just bought a photo shoot with him. I just couldn't justify that amount of money, plus I'm preempting further announcements. Batch 21, so gonna be a bit of a wait but he'll be worth it Just happy I have one
  12. Anyone know roughly how many Diamond passes they'll have set aside for him? Just thinking can I risk waiting to see if they announce anyone else big before I purchase one
  13. Oh my goodness, I literally do not know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!! This is huge!! REALLY HUGE!!! I'm figuring the only way to get everything I want out of this is to purchase a Diamond Pass!! I do have the money...............!!! Batch 14 already!! How on EARTH are they going to get through everyone in ONE DAY!!!!!!! I do love this man very very much!!!! I just..................I.................. TELL ME WHAT TO DOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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