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    David Harbour Gillian Anderson Ben Affleck Nathan Fillion Michael J. Fox Christopher Lloyd David Boreanaz Sarah Michelle Gellar Alyson Hannigan James Marsters Charisma Carpenter Jason Mewes Joe Keery Dacre Montgomery Natalia Dyer Tom Holland Charlie Cox Krysten Ritter Elizabeth Olsen Dana DeLorenzo Adam Baldwin
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    Oh, have some food.
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    The licence plate you say? Also known as the REGistration plate?
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    Just 50 to go!!
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    Just finished Hannibal series 1-3 again. I've seen 1 & 2 a couple of times now but this is the first time I've rewatched S3, and I didn't know there was a post credit scene to end it before so really glad I found out about it. It's a brilliant show and such a shame they cancelled it. Very graphic and bloody, unsurprising given what it's about but it's really gripping, very well acted and written.
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    @R4wly97 Not sure if you've seen on other sources but if you like steelbooks.......
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    Partly my fault. I really need to put the day of the announcement in the title which would help
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    Ahh, gotcha, thanks. I wasn't following this thread too closely so hadn't noticed that it wasn't today! (And you put "tomorrow" on a Wednesday post, and all the posts above mine show people getting excited YESTERDAY. I'm just too tired!)
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    They're in LFCC Spring. @Queen_Sindel @StuartG2198
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    Talking to someone for 10 minutes? Eww, no thanks.
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    Family friendly please bear! Let's not go teaching they kiddies things they shouldn't learn.
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    And thanks to Netflix for that
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    Seems like I had seen it!
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    So you don't have to dig through your DVD's - nothing terribly graphic in there.
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    As it's the 25th anniversary of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Terence Stamp Guy Pearce Hugo Weaving. Thanks
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    Better Call Saul series 4, just finished the last episode, seems to be the night for finishing series (at least until S5 is made). It's as good as the prior ones and a really good watch, a very very worthy successor and predecessor of Breaking Bad.
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    I was rereading through this thread and coming across my RDA post had me smiling hugely again. It got me wanting to share my sunday photo op with him It was such a joyful lil moment and I love that that comes through in the pic (at least to me it does!) <3
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    Raylenth isn't in it stalking Mads. Isn't that a good enough reason?
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