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  1. Hopefully they will add a couple more SOA guests especially for those of us that have booked the group photo
  2. James Callis can then have joint photo with Tricia Helfer
  3. Hell yeah the original Tool Time girl Nice one
  4. James Earl Jones thank you very much
  5. 2018 - oh well time to save if I am not working that weekend
  6. Nice one and a great group photo too
  7. Me too - nearly nine times that amount............
  8. Some of us don't do technology as it is a pain in the ............... you know where you are with a printed ticket a lot less hassle.
  9. David Soul, Paul Michael Glaser, Antonio Fargas, Nichelle Nichols, Lou Ferrigno, Donnie Yen, Ivy Wong, Scott Wilson, IronE Singleton, Warwick Davis, Paul Kasey, Matt Stirling, Derek Arnold, Rufus Wright, Christopher Patrick Nolan, Mel Pickup, Jackie Piper, Paul Markham, Peter Roy, Scott Richardson, Paul Warren and others...................
  10. Actor/Stuntman Al Leong
  11. It was alright. Better than I expected
  12. It is actually not bad worth going to see. I'm not a big Tom Cruise fan but enjoyed this one
  13. and Alien: Covenant King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Fast & Furious 8 Wonder Woman Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge The Mummy
  14. by dubious means alledgley