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  1. In fact it was thirty two autographs...... forgot some
  2. I managed twenty eight autographs and thirty six photos this year and never buy a Gold Pass as I feel is not worth it for me. I purchased three Diamond Passes could of been more but the majority of these guests were not for me. Some people I spoke to this year said they will not bother with the Gold Pass next year as there seem to be a lot more Diamond Pass guests now which (should) guarantee an autograph.
  3. Did feel a bit let down with this. For the price we paid they could of done the following; Put up a white sheet as a background and used one as a flooring. The photo would of been much better as everyone generally wearing a dark colour top. Hired a decent bike for the photo if not a Harley than at least a Triumph. A Dealer would of been more than happy to do this even for free in exchange for a couple of photos. Don't think I will do any more prop shoots in future as this is one thing SM seem to let themselves down on a little bit.
  4. Too many to list but a fairly easy weekend for me without a Gold Pass and only three Diamond passes. Managed to do 36 photo shoots and 32 autographs. Only managed one of the three talks I wanted to do (SOA on Friday) my Diamond passes were John Cleese, Steven Yeun and Alan Tudyk (missed his talk due to couple of photos running slightly late)
  5. Everyone mentions guests they meet but I am going to be a little different. Meeting a couple of new friends in Justin and Rachel and having a great time in their company, cheers guys.
  6. I managed to get her autograph at about 4.20pm on Sunday
  7. Fair play Showmasters you refunded my photo. I took autograph vouchers and will put them to good use on Sunday
  8. Did feel sorry for the "blue shirt" as she needed help from someone during the Matt Lucas shoot but I felt she handled well considering some of the grief she was getting. Why can't people just stand outside the queueing areas......
  9. Showmasters need to sort this out. If dealers want X amount of items it should be arranged separately. These events are for the fans to meet people they admire. There is a certain "Illuminati" that seem to get what they want and this needs to be stopped.
  10. Just met Alistair Petrie and he said he is not attending tomorrow as he is filming. I presume we can use our Sunday tickets for the photo shoot today
  11. Lovely lady but sorry I think everyone who had their photos today will agree that they are not up to Showmasters usual quality standard. I will be getting in touch about this.
  12. No offence but can't people work out for themselves in which order to do photo shoots? The schedule has been up for a week. I have 36 photos over the weekend ( no gold pass) and I know exactly which order they are in. It is not rocket science.
  13. Was on my maybe list but booked photo now.
  14. Schedule is being kind to me this year