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  1. years of regret

    Havnt seen any Dragons yet seen a couple of boobs
  2. years of regret

    so I have finally been persuaded to watch Game Of Thrones I am now on ep 3 of season 1 and I am quite enjoying it I made a bad move ignoring every one on here and all mates about watching it. I will be bingeing on it until I have a caught up and I am also liking Peter Dinklage character already so showmasters It would be nice if you could get him again
  3. Dont forget Matt Lucas he was annouced quite quickly to
  4. 2018 Anniversaries

    Red Dwarf 30 years of SMEG what could be more importent then that
  5. guest I would like for this event Red Dwarf Doctor Who The Walking Dead WestWorld Ripper Street Marvel Universe Guests Vikings X Files Sherlock Film guests I want Sly Stallone Arine Laurence Fisbourne Tom Cruise Mark Hamill shows I may get into Game of Thrones and The Expence hurray the forum is up
  6. Doctor ranking

    My list of Doctors I love all of them 1. David Tennant 2. Tom Baker 3. Christopher Eccleston 4. Peter Davison 5. Matt Smith 6. Jon Pertwee 7. Patrick Troughton 8. Paul McGann 9. Peter Capaldi 10. William Hartnell 11. John Hurt 12. Sylvester McCoy 13. Colin Baker
  7. James Dodd Appreciation Thread

    i can also agree we both said how disappointing it was when Doug and Ron pulled out and jokingly said he will have a word with them he also posed for a photo with me talked about Hellboy for a good 10 mine explaining that every one is ready to make the 3rd film its just the case of the director I really hope you get him back such a cool guest and a down to earth guy
  8. Pokemon Go

    I want my Entie but i have heard nothing about the dogs yet
  9. Funko Pop Collection

    I bought my first 6 on saturday i will keep my ones in the box
  10. Weekend Highlights!

    For me my top 3 where Steven Yeun finally being able to meet him i have always enjoyed watching him as Glenn in TWD Matt Lucas was amazing i have always admired him loved every thing he has been in and talked with him about not being able to go on tour with Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer when they did there live tour for me he was the stand out guest of the weekend And thirdley Benedict Wong Had a really good chat with him about all his films i had a great laugh with he took his time in signing his auto as we where chatting about the Film Sunshine as it is one of my all time faverote films But all in all every guest i met where amazing thank you showmasters for a brilliant weekend role on 2018 cant wait
  11. Who did everyone meet?

    who I met autos and photos Benedict Cumberbatch Photo Benedict Wong Auto and Photo Mark Strickson 2 Autos Lalla Ward 2 Autos Matt Lucas Auto and Photo Steven Yeun Auto and Photo Emily Kinney Auto and Photo Zoe Wanamaker Auto John Lynch Carroll Auto Ian McDiarmid Photo James Dodd Auto Mark Sheppard Auto ones I want to come as i was busy doing other things, are Tom Wilson, Ian McDiarmid, Alicia Witt, Veronica Cartwright, Chris Lloyd, The Phelp Twins, Mark Williams, David Bradley and my biggest regret was John Cleese should have bought his Diamond pass please bring him back if you can
  12. I am ready and waiting to buy the tickets for next year I had such an amazing time yesterday does anybody know when the dates are for next year thank you in advance and just to say a big thank you to showmasters and the crew for doing a brilliant job this weekend
  13. Great guest announcement I met him a few years back he tickled me in the photo shoot and then shouted at me saying got you he has a great since of humour
  14. I cant believe how many cancellations we have had this year such a shame it really is Derek Jacobi was going to be 1 of my highlights this year oh well I will put his money towards Matt Lucas and Benedict Wong
  15. Guest Suggestions

    I know its a bit late now to request guests but after watching the last ever Ripper Street surely we have to have a guest from it any one will do