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Latest Guest Announcement - JOHN WESLEY SHIPP


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Latest Guest Announcement - John Wesley Shipp

Appearing: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Autograph: £25

Photo Shoot: £25

Buy Tickets Now


Henry Allen / Jay Garrick - The Flash
Barry Allen / The Flash - The Flash (1990's)
Mitch Leery - Dawson's Creek
Mr. Lahey - Teen Wolf





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11 minutes ago, andyfilm_1 said:

Bought my photo!!! 
I was a massive fan of the 90s show as a kid and his appearance in the latest Flash series was truly special! So excited in meeting him!! :clap:

Thank you SM!!!!!!

Did you watch the Crisis on Infinite Earths event?

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27 minutes ago, Broo said:

Did you watch the Crisis on Infinite Earths event?


24 minutes ago, andyfilm_1 said:

Yes :crying:


5 minutes ago, Broo said:

Never was an emoji ever more relatable :crying: his story was done well though, it felt like the writers really respected the character :)

No spoilers! Haven’t seen it yet! :lol:

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10 hours ago, HeartDT said:

For me this is a BIG guest.  Was gutted when he cancelled last time.

Its all relative I guess.... just be happy for those that are delighted.

Yeah that's true.There are some guests i would love to see at LFCC and some are not really big but they would be a BIG guest for me,and you have BIG guests and even Massive Guests that almost everyone want to see..except for me then so yeah iit's true waht you said. Ït's all rellative"

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