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  1. marcobeks

    Guest Suggestions

    Another actor i would love to see at LFCC is Damian Lewis
  2. marcobeks

    Latest Guest Announcement - KIM COATES

    Ahhh that's great that he is coming to London this summer,I met him 2 weeks ago in Dortmund and he was such a nice an friendly guy and would love to meet him again. What would make this even Greater is if you guys could get Walton Goggins aswell,i think Kim would like this a lot too....
  3. marcobeks

    Guest Suggestions

    And off course Mr.Neil Patrick Harris
  4. marcobeks

    Guest Suggestions

    Jaimie Alexander offcourse
  5. marcobeks

    Only your 3 favorite guests (LFCC 2020)

    Neil Patrick Harris Jaimie Alexander Walton Goggins
  6. marcobeks

    Photos! Let’s see them!!

    I had 2 photo's signed,1 by William Zabka and 1 by Manu Bennet.They were both soo kind and Manu just couldn't resist to reply with POLO when i said my name was Marco :)
  7. marcobeks

    Guest Suggestions

    I know LFCC is in less then a week but i keep hoping SM will announce one of these people (Yeah i know it´s probably wishfull thinking) Neil Patrick Harris (how i met your mother) Jaimie Alexander (Blindspot Thor) Walton Goggins (The Shield,Sons of anarchy,Six, Deep State) Josh Segarra (Arrow) Alyson Hannigan (How i met your mother,Buffy,American pie) Luke Mitchell (Blindspot,Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) James Spader (The Blacklist,Avengers Age of ultron
  8. marcobeks

    Guest cancellation - ALEX KINGSTON

    Not really for me but i can imagine more then a few Dr.Who fans are going crazy
  9. marcobeks

    Latest Guest Announcement - MANU BENNETT

    Oeww another guest from Arrow,very very nice
  10. I am not a GoT fan myself but yeah Carice at LFCC would be nice
  11. Yeah she was great in The Matrix movies bu i absolute loved her in Memento what is also my favourite movie of all times
  12. marcobeks

    Disappearing Announcement

    Ok thanks for the information and someone is in trouble.
  13. marcobeks


    This got te be a bad joke.Till nog there were only 3 people i definatelly wanted to meet and 2 of them got cancelled
  14. marcobeks

    Next Big Announcement - Friday 7pm

    Yesssss can't wait to see who it is. And a lot of people were very happy with the announcement of Michael en Hayden yesterday but i particularly was very happy with the annppuncement of Lotte Verbeek and really hope to see more people from The Blacklist being announced.
  15. Always great to see someone fom The Netherlands at a Comic con And i love her in The Blacklist and would love to see more people from The Blacklist