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  1. marcobeks

    Latest Guest Announcement - MANU BENNETT

    Oeww another guest from Arrow,very very nice
  2. I am not a GoT fan myself but yeah Carice at LFCC would be nice
  3. Yeah she was great in The Matrix movies bu i absolute loved her in Memento what is also my favourite movie of all times
  4. marcobeks

    Disappearing Announcement

    Ok thanks for the information and someone is in trouble.
  5. marcobeks


    This got te be a bad joke.Till nog there were only 3 people i definatelly wanted to meet and 2 of them got cancelled
  6. marcobeks

    Next Big Announcement - Friday 7pm

    Yesssss can't wait to see who it is. And a lot of people were very happy with the announcement of Michael en Hayden yesterday but i particularly was very happy with the annppuncement of Lotte Verbeek and really hope to see more people from The Blacklist being announced.
  7. Always great to see someone fom The Netherlands at a Comic con And i love her in The Blacklist and would love to see more people from The Blacklist
  8. marcobeks

    Josh Segarra for LFCC 2019

    Yaehhh would love to meet him,he is my favourite Arrow villain
  9. marcobeks


    Darn she was one of the few people i really wanted to meet this year but these things happen.
  10. marcobeks

    To Diamond Pass or not to Diamond Pass

    Yeah i might have to same problem,with the announcement they made yesterday there's a chance they might announce somebody i really want to get an autograph from but i don't like taken my photo aswell so the photoshoot isn't a must but if it is a really big guest the chance is they will sell al lot of diamond passes and is the chance that i will miss out with a VQ ticket..
  11. marcobeks

    Statement From Jason

    OMG I have never seen them hype guests this much so it must be a BIG one.I was so excited by this that i barely slept last night. And i can't wait to find out who they are..whahhhh. Wil this be THE guest for me that make me buy my first Diamond Pass!!God let's hope so!!!
  12. I really loved him in How i met your mother and just can't wait to meet the REAL karate kid!!
  13. marcobeks

    Gotham Cast for LFCC 2019

    I totaly agree
  14. marcobeks

    Guest Suggestions

    And what about Maggie Grace?? Yeah she was really good in Lost and the Taken movies and Lock out but i absolutely loved her in the sixth season of Californication and i would love to meet her
  15. marcobeks

    Guest Suggestions

    Yeah that would be nice